Which Steps Help to Choose a Perfect Binoculars for Birding? By BirdFeederist

Binoculars are the perfect optical tools for any birder to observe the beauty of nature without disturbing the birds. The portability and convenience features of this device make it ideal for the birders to see the birds in their natural inhabitants. The Binoculars are somehow expensive devices for the birders, but they are usually very durable and can easily stay with you in your whole life.

So the very first step in buying the Binocular is to make sure to buy a good Binocular with a lot of features. So you don’t need to rebuy the Binocular. Make sure the Binocular is perfect for ensuring the magnificent views of the birds.

steps to choose Binocular
steps to choose Binocular

Steps to choose the perfect Binocular

Different steps can lead you towards the perfect purchase of the Birding Binocular. A Binocular can come in different colors, shapes, and features as well. You just need to concentrate on your need to buy a good one for yourself.  Let’s discuss some steps that can lead you towards the best Binocular purchase for birding purposes.

1. Decide your price range          

The very first and most crucial step is to decide your price range because the maximum features of a Binoculars are dependent upon its price range. For the top of the line Binoculars, you need to choose a good budget range. But some lower prices Binoculars also provide the perfect features due to quick advancement in the technology in the recent past. You can easily pick a price range according to your needs because all the Binocular are perfect for the necessary kind of needs.

2. Choose a magnification

The magnification of a Binocular is one of the main features of all the Binoculars. But magnification changes depending upon the prices of the Binoculars. It would be best if you chose a useful magnification according to your needs. Mostly Binoculars has the magnification between the 7x to 10x, which is suitable for birding purposes. When you are looking to enjoy the birding from long distances, 10x is more useful as compared to others. But you need to compromise on the field of view.

Moreover, you will observe a slightly darker image at larger distances with this magnification. 8x is suitable for brighter and wider images at shorter distances. So you can choose any magnification according to your needs. The Binoculars with 8x magnifications are the standard Binoculars for the birders.

3. Test the different models

When you choose the magnification of the Binocular, the next step is to test the different models. You need to check the different sizes and shapes. Make sure the Binoculars are comfortable with your eyes and hands as well. Moreover, make sure Binoculars are suitable with your hand because the maximum time you need to hold the Binoculars. Some people also like to hang them in the neck as well. You can also check the weight of the Binocular to makes it easy for outdoor birding. You can also chest straps to hold the Binocular. Whichever method you are going to use, makes sure the Binocular is comfortable with this method.

4. Image quality                           

Image quality also matters a lot for any Binocular. You need to make sure about the brightness, color, and sharpness of the image. You need to mainly focus on the clarity to judge the image quality. Many people don’t recommend the compact sizes Binoculars, which has the lens size smaller than the 30mm. It somehow depends upon the distance as well. So make sure to take the distance in mind whenever you are testing for the image quality.

5. Optical quality

Optical quality is another essential feature that should be in mind while purchasing a good Binocular. The premium optical quality Binoculars allow you to be subtle the color patterns on the breast and mantle. Your approach is also essential for accurate identification. Whatever your plan is, the most important thing is the optics quality. If you have better optics, it’s mean you have better viewing. So try to buy an excellent optical quality Binoculars.

6. Check the Binocular for eye relief

The eye relief of the birders is also significant to keep the birding going for a long time. For example, some people even have eyeglasses, and they need good Binocular, which can easily be adjusted with the Glasses. Many Binoculars have the eyecups, which are very helpful for this purpose. You can easily adjust the eyecups at their minimum position to enjoy the birding with the eyeglasses. So we can say you need to buy a Binocular with eyecups for maximum eye relief.

7. Check for other features

There are many other features of a Binocular, including the field of view, close focus, and two measures. These features are also essential, depending upon your viewing habits. Moreover, you can also focus on the water-proofing feature, durability, and the warranty of your Binocular as well. So you can choose any Binocular with these features according to your needs and price range.

What is the difference between the 10×50 and 12×50 Binocular?

There is a little theoretical difference in both magnifications. The 10×50 Binocular has a bigger exit pupil as compared to 12×50 Binocular. Similarly, 12×50 Binocular offer larger mag as compared to 10×50 Binoculars. Moreover, there can be small differences in their other features like eye relief, filed of width, edge quality, and many other things like that.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the Binoculars can have many features depending upon their price ranges. But almost all the Binoculars has all the necessary features due to their recent quick advancements. Any normal Binocular can fulfill your birding needs. But if you are looking for an exceptional birding Binocular, you need to have some good budget with all the basic knowledge of a Binocular. We have just listed all the necessary steps which can lead you towards the best Binocular purchase according to your price range.

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