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Finding a baby bird is very usual for those people who feed birds in their garden and provide them with excellent nesting material and location. But sometimes when they find a baby in their garden they don’t know what they should do with this baby bird.

Such incidents mostly happen in the season spring and summer. These are the usual seasons for the birds to mate. When you find a baby bird, a proper understanding of baby care is necessary to increase the chances of the baby’s survival. So let’s see the best things which you can do to help the baby bird.

Helping the Baby Birds

Things to do when you find a baby bird

When you find a bird, especially a baby bird, which needs your help, you have to follow these steps

1. Observe the bird

The first and most important step is just observing the baby bird without touching it. Most people when they can’t see the baby bird’s parents around they start wondering what should they do to help the baby bird. Just relax and make sure that the bird can take care of itself, you don’t need to touch it. Their parents might be in search of food. It might take half an hour or an hour for the parents to return to the baby bird. Just be patient if the baby bird is not in any kind of danger.

2. Provide Shelter

Baby birds get nervous when they can’t find any shelter around. Especially in the summer season, direct sunlight is harmful to a baby bird. For example, if you observe that the weather is too hot for the baby bird or if there’s a storm brewing, or when they’re feeling scared or anxious, they need shelter. If you have a bird feeder in your yard, make sure to put some birdhouses in it for baby birds to use as shelter.

Although baby birds need help, If everything around them seems fine the best way is to wait for their parents to return.

3. Return the baby bird to the Nest

If a bird falls from its nest, should the baby bird be returned to the nest? This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the situation. If the baby bird is not hurt or in any danger, then returning it to the nest may be best for its safety. But if you don’t know about the baby bird nest, you can simply put the baby in a basket and hang it on a tree near the nesting site. Parents will easily find the baby from its voice. It can take some time for the parents to see their baby, so wait and be patient. However, if the baby bird is in danger or cannot survive on its own, then it may be best to find a new home for it or call nearby wildlife support.

4. Replace broken Nest

Sometimes the bird babies are not safe even in their own nest. Many nests are damaged, which can easily attract predators to the baby birds. The baby birds in this condition need immigrant help. You can simply change the nest of these birds. Take a basket and place some tissues in the basket. The nest is ready, just replace the old broken nest with this new nest and hang it in a nearby location. Don’t move too far away as it can create trouble for the bird’s parents.

5. Orphaned baby birds

Some baby birds lost their parents they need serious help. If you find a baby’s parents do not return even till the evening. You need to pick up this bird and take special care of it. You can turn this baby bird into a licensed wildlife rehabilitator for the proper care. But if you want to take care of this bird, make sure it is legal in your area, as keeping a wild bird at home is illegal even if you have a plan to free the bird after proper care.

The above-listed things are important to help a baby bird. But there are some quick tips which you can follow.

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Watch what to do, if you Find A Baby Bird?

Tips to help a baby bird

Follow these quick tips to help the baby birds.

  • The first and the most important tip to help a baby bird is to stress the bird as little as possible. Make sure to don’t create any excessive and loud noise around the baby birds. Moreover, try to keep the bird close to that place where you found the baby bird because the parents will return to this place after some time. Avoid unnecessarily touching the baby bird.
  • The second thing is about handling baby birds. Before you touch the baby bird, make sure to cover your hands with gloves. Because some birds have unpleasant parasites like mites, lice, ticks, and bacteria which can be dangerous for humans. Make sure to clean your hands with soap and warm water after touching the baby bird.
  • The last tip is about the food for the baby birds. Try not to give any type of food or water to the baby birds. The baby birds have their precise needs of diet, which usually consist of insects. So make sure not to provide any type of kitchen scrape or bird seeds to the young birds. better is to wait for the baby bird’s parents or call a professional wildlife rehabilitator. They can handle the bird better.
  • Always keep a first ad kit for birds in your house.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that helping the baby birds is not an easy task. You have to be extremely patient before doing anything. First, if the bird is not in any danger try to wait for the bird’s parents as they can handle things on their own. But if you didn’t find its parents, call a professional wildlife rehabilitator. Don’t take baby birds at home, because in some states it is illegal.

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