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Squirrels can be the most dangerous unwanted audience for any bird feeder because squirrels can leave your feeder empty in just a few hours. Moreover, a squirrel can also damage your feeder in many ways due to its bigger size and weight. So people always want a squirrel free bird feeder for their garden. There are many bird feeders available, which can automatically prevent the seeds from squirrels attack. But people are also looking for other ways to minimize the squirrel’s visit to their bird feeders. One of the different ways is to use some smelling thing or spray, which doesn’t like by the squirrels.

What kind of smell can be used to keep the squirrel away from the bird feeder
What kind of smell can be used to keep the squirrel away from the bird feeder?

You don’t need to worry about it because there are many unpleasant smells which don’t like by the squirrels. You can easily use these to minimize the squirrel’s visit to your bird feeder. There are different ways of using these options. For example, you can use these things on the squirrel’s paths towards the feeder or around the feeder. You can also use them on feeder hooks and poles depending upon the smells. Because some smells are not liked by the birds as well, so make sure to place the smelling material on a specific location.

Different smells that squirrels don’t like

There are different smells that the squirrels don’t like. These include the Cider Vinegar smell, Spicy Odors, Distinctive smell, Skunk-like smell, and animal urine smell. Let’s discuss further to know more about the squirrels disliked smells.

1. Cider Vinegar

It is observed that the squirrels don’t like the smell of cider Vinegar. Moreover, It is also noted that many people in United America use this trick to keep the squirrels away from the bird seeds. So we can say that the Cider Vinegar is an effective method to keep the squirrels away from the bird feeders. You just need to immerse the clothes in the Cider Vinegar before placing the clothes on the key parts of your home. These key parts include the most visiting places of the squirrels and area around the bird feeder. You need to replace the cloth when you think that the cloth loses its strength.

2. Spicy Odors                                                                                    

The spicy and hot smells can also play the role of keeping the squirrels away from the Birds feeder. For example, white pepper and cayenne smells can discourage squirrels. Similarly, the squirrels also dislike the garlic and black pepper smells.  You can simply use the black pepper or garlic powder around your bird feeder to discourage the squirrels. You can also put these powders on the different ways to your feeder to minimize the squirrel’s visits. You can simply just put the powder in once a week for good results. But somehow it depends upon your home environment as well.

3. The distinctive smell of Mothball

The scent of the Mothball may be useful for humans, but the squirrels don’t like its smell. So if you are facing any problem from the squirrel visits, you can simply use the Mothball. It is an excellent way to repel the squirrels from the bird feeders. But make sure to replace the Mothball in once a week. Because after some days, they don’t have enough smell to keep the squirrels away. So you need to change the Mothballs when you think their smell starts fading.

4. Skunk-Like smell

The skunk-like smell is also not like by the squirrels. For this type of smell, you can use the imperial crown bulb in your garden. It has a skunk-like smell which can keep the squirrels away. Make sure your feeder is placed anywhere near the imperial crown bulb. So whenever squirrels visit your feeder, they are discouraged with the skunk-like smell of the imperial crown bulb. You can easily purchase the imperial crown bulbs from any near garden of your house.

5. Animal Urine

The animal urine smell is also very discouraging for the squirrels. Anything which smells like the animal urine is discouraging for the squirrels. These types of many smells also come in spray form as well. You can just simply use these sprays on the different ways to your bird feeders. You need to make sure the spray is not too much near the feeder because some feeding birds also not like these types of smells. You can just simply spray on the different ways on a daily basis or whenever you refill your bird feeder.

6. Mint plant

Squirrels don’t like the aroma of the mint plant. This plant has a sharp smell to repel the squirrels from any area. You can simply use these plants near your bird feeder. For more protection, you can also use these plants on the different ways of the squirrel’s visit to your bird feeder. You can also simply plant the mint in your garden and around the trees to keep the squirrels away.

A perfect homemade squirrels repellent        

You can easily make a perfect squirrels repellent at home by using cayenne pepper and any hot sauce. Just take a full spoon of cayenne pepper and mix it with hot sauce. Shake it perfectly so that they mix it well. Your perfect homemade squirrel repellent is ready. You can simply sprayed this out in your garden to prevent the squirrels. When we talk about the bird feeder protection, you can simply use this spray around your bird feeder. You can also use this spray around all the trees and plants of your garden. When you think the smell is minimized, you need to spray again to prevent your bird feeder.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there are different kinds of smells that can discourage squirrels. You can easily use these smelling sprays to repel the squirrels from your feeder. But you need to make sure that these smells don’t have any disadvantages for the feeding birds. If you think these sprays can be harmful to the feeding birds, you can simply use them on the different squirrel’s paths towards your feeder.

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