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Birds are beautiful creatures that add color and life to any environment. Unfortunately, some people may not realize that there are several things that can kill birds instantly. Pet birds and many other garden birds are sensitive to household dangers. Especially when we talk about small birds, they are more at risk than big-sized birds. Moreover, their fast metabolism and hyper-efficient respiratory system also play a role in it.

Many birds try to explore different things in the house by using their beaks. Make sure you don’t have any sharp hidden items in the home to prevent the birds from any emergency. To prevent the birds from these types of danger, you have to take care of all the things which can be dangerous for the birds. You can also take a first aid kit for the birds in case of any emergency. This can prevent the birds from sudden death. Hundreds of birds are reported in America each year, which are affected by different household dangers.

Household Dangers
Household Dangers

Different household dangers which can kill the birds

Different kinds of household accessories and scraps can be responsible for the instant death of the birds. Let’s discuss these household items to prevent the birds from these types of dangers.

1. Poisoning

Poisoning is one of the major factors for the bird’s instant death in the recent past. Bird’s metabolism system can’t handle the different kinds of toxic substances usually found in the garden. These substances include various types of spoiled kitchen scrapes.

someone doing sprays in garden to kill insects

Moreover, some people also use poisonous sprays to remove insects and pesticides. But the people need to make sure that it can also be toxic for the birds. Many other toxic household things include ammonia, bleach, glues, nail polish remover, oven cleaner, paint, perfume, etc. Some poisonous plants are also dangerous for the birds—for example, the holiday plant.

2. Open Deep Water

Many usual things are available in each home that contains deep water. These things mainly include the sinks, bathtubs, buckets, and your cat bathing tub. All these things contain deep water, which can be dangerous for the birds. The little water source like bird bathing tubs is perfect for the birds. No danger is associated with the birds bathing tubs. Just make sure to read this article on “Can a birdbath be too deep?“.  Sometimes the water on the stove causes sudden death to the birds. So make sure to prevent the birds from these types of items.

3. Non-Stick Coating

Non-stick products can be hazardous for any bird because these items emit toxic chemicals on overheating. These toxic fumes can be responsible for the sudden death of the birds. The most crucial toxic chemical is Teflon, which is found in many household items. These items include the irons, ironing board covers, curling irons, space heaters, blow dryers, and self-cleaning ovens. Sometimes people put the boiling water on the stove and forget about it. This will add more humidity to space, which is dangerous for pet birds. Certain products are not that dangerous, as many of you were asking us about Non-stick pans. Are they safe?

4. Unhealthy Food

Unhealthy food can affect the bird’s digestive system and lead to sudden death, especially when we talk about food, which contains a high amount of salt, sugar, and fat. This type of food is not easily digestible for the birds. The other unhealthy food can be avocados, chocolate, caffeine, and alcoholic beverages. So make sure to don’t provide this type of food to your pet and garden birds. To make your life easy, we have created a list of the worst foods for birds. You must avoid these foods for any possible danger to a bird’s health.

5. Electrical Cords

The open electrical cords in the garden can be the most dangerous thing for the birds. Sometimes people try to explore these cords with their beaks and burn out immediately. These burns are very nasty and painful for the birds, leading to sudden death or lifetime injury. Sometimes birds take many years to heal these types of damages. You need to cover the open wires in your garden to minimize these types of incidents. You can use PVC pipe and many other things for this purpose.

6. Ceiling Fans

Ceilings fans can also be dangerous for birds, especially for small size birds. The ceiling fan accidents can lead the little birds toward sudden death. Birds usually don’t know about them and fly through these fans. So make sure to prevent your birds from these types of incidents, especially the pet birds.

7. Bird Toys

Sometimes people put different bird toys in their garden to attract the maximum number of birds. This can be an excellent technique to attract garden birds. But people need to make sure that the toy is in good condition. Because sometimes, birds remove the protective cover of these toys and expose the toys’ sharp parts. These sharp parts can be responsible for the different injuries in the birds. These injuries even lead the birds toward sudden death. We have also created a list of unsafe bird toys; check the list before buying any toy.

8. Mirror             

As many of the followers were asking us, “Are mirrors bad for birds?“. A mirror can also be very dangerous for birds. Especially for the wild birds. Because they think that their reflection is another bird, they try to contact the bird in the mirror with their beaks which is responsible for the beak injuries in the birds.

A damaged mirror can be more dangerous for the birds because the sharp edges of the damaged mirror can cause severe injuries to the birds. Similarly, many other usual window mirrors and door mirrors can also be dangerous for the birds.

9. Pets

Pets like dogs and cats can also be dangerous for the birds, especially for pet birds. However, it’s amusing to watch the cat, dog, and birds playing together. But people need to know that even a small bite of a cat or dog can lead the birds to death.

10. Air quality

Air quality can also matter a lot to the bird’s health, especially for the pet birds, which always stay inside the home. Aerosol and the cigarette smell can be dangerous for pet birds. Similarly, sometimes the gas leakage can also affect the garden birds because carbon monoxide in the gas is equally dangerous for the birds and humans.

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What to do if You See a Dead Bird?

If you see a dead bird, the first thing you should do is call a wildlife professional in your area. Dead birds can be a sign of a bird disease or predator attack. If you are able to identify the cause of death, you can take appropriate steps to prevent similar deaths in the future. It’s our responsibility to inform our local wildlife professionals and save other birds.

dead bird


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that different usual household items can be dangerous for the birds. These items can be responsible for the bird’s sudden death or lifetime injuries. These items include different home accessories and home scrapes. Take care of all the above-listed things to prevent the birds from any danger.

Birds are often seen as a sign of love, but their deaths can be a tragedy. If you see a dead bird, make sure to clean up the mess and dispose of the body properly. Dead birds can contain harmful bacteria and parasites, so it’s important to take precautions to avoid spreading the disease.

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  1. Thanks for this! I was worried because a few of the wild birds in my backyard had died. Now I know how to prevent that, and am covering the cords.- Cali

  2. 😭 My little tweeter died today. I had her since my Mum passed away 4 years ago (she was my mums and she had her a few years before me) I have no idea how old the canary was but I’m hoping that it was due to old age and nothing else. ☹️

  3. Sometimes my son *scrapes* his knee after he’s taken a tumble…

    …but what are kitchen scrapes???

    Maybe u meant kitchen scraps??? (without the letter “e”, which has the job of turning the short ă sound, into the long ā sound).

  4. I’m just devastated tonight I lost all three of my
    Very young birds instantly after heating my oven to cook a pizza and I had an oven liner in my oven. In a split second my life changed and a tragic event unfolded. All three passed and I will never het over it. I’m so lost right now

  5. This is good I’m trying to kill a bunch of birds and shotguns In a residential area don’t seem to go over well

  6. I would like to dump my grey water into my back yard. We use septic safe detergent in the washer and mild soap in the sink and tub. Will using this water hurt native birds?

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