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There are different species of birds all around the world, according to their area and environment. But when we talk about the pet birds, these are usually some special birds species which people like to have in their homes. The pet birds are usually small bird species that don’t create too much mess like big birds.


When we talk about the Americans, roughly 5.7 million Americans like to keep pet birds. Although this is a small number as compared to pet cats and dogs, still it’s a big number to show the interest of the Americans in pet birds. In this article, we are going to list the different types of pet birds. Let’s see some famous types of pet birds.

1. Parakeets

ParakeetsMany parents like to have some parakeets. It is the best type of pet bird among the parents, according to the APPA. There are dozens of breeds available of the parakeets, but the most famous are budgerigar and budgie. They are sweet birds with big personalities. The low noise level of these birds makes them the favorite pet birds for many people.

Moreover, the small size of these birds is perfect to fit in any home. The life span of the parakeets is 10 to 15 years.

2. Cockatiels

cockatilesCockatiels rank second in the list of best types of pet birds. These pint-sized birds belong to the cockatoo family. These pet birds have sunny and easy-going personalities. These birds are also known as Miniature cockatoos, weeros, and quarrions. The life span of these birds is 10 to 15 years. Some of these birds can be trained to speak some words and phrases.

3. The Canaries

canariesThe canaries come third in the types of pet list with a very small size. These are the good-natured songbirds that require a very small in your room or home to adjust. The average life span of these pet birds is 10 to 15 years. These are natural songbirds with no talking abilities.

4. Conures

conuresConures are good pet birds, which are also listed among the top pet parrots list. These pet birds come in a variety of sizes and colors. The larger life span of these birds also makes them a favorite for many people. These birds can live up to 20 plus years. Conures are not known for their talking abilities.

5. African Greys

Amazone parrotsIt is another one of the popular pet birds among the adaptors because this bird is considered one of the best birds for its talking abilities. Moreover, this bird is super-intelligent, charming, and sociable, which makes it one of the best pet parrots. There are two types of this bird, which are Congo African grey and Timneh African grey. The average life span of these birds is around 30 years.

6. Amazon parrots

Amazone parrotsAmazon parrots tied with the African greys in popularity. These are also perfect talkers like the African Greys. These are also having two types like African Greys, the first one is yellow-napped, and the second one is orange-winged. The life span of these birds is around 40 to 50 years.

7. Parrotlets

parrotletsParrotlets tie with African greys and Amazon parrots in popularity terms. There are different species of parrotlets, including the pacific parrotlet and green-rumped parrotlet. Even one type of parrotlet is smaller than the parakeets. The average life span of these pet birds is around 15 to 20 years. These birds can be trained to talk but their voice is not crystal clear like many other talking pet birds.

8. Pionus parrots

pionus parrotsPionus are the medium size pet birds that are smaller than the amazon and African grey. There are eight species of the pionus, including the blue-headed and white-capped pionus. The average life span of these birds varies from 25 to 40 years. These birds can be learning to speak but not as clear as the African greys or Amazons.

9. Finches

finchesFinches are mostly known for their thriving nature while kept in pairs. But you can keep two males or two females to prevent them from breeding. There are three main types of finches which are society, Gouldian, and zebra. The average life span of the finches is around ten years. They don’t talk like many pet birds.

10. Ring-necked doves

ring neched dovesRing-necked birds are not much popular as the above-listed pet birds. The only species of these birds are doves. The main thing about these birds is that they are closely related to pigeons of small size. The average life span of these birds is around ten years. They don’t have any talking ability.

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