What are the important tips to squirrel proof the bird feeder Pole?

When we talk about the squirrel-proof bird feeder poles, there is no such a pole exist, which is entirely a squirrel-proof pole. But we can minimize the squirrel visits on the birdfeeder poles by using different ways.

So, if you are also worried about the squirrel visit on your bird feeder pole, you can follow the below tips to minimize the squirrel visits on the bird feeder.


Tips to minimize squirrel visits

We are going to describe the different best ways to squirrel-proof the bird feeder poles. A bird feeder pole is a perfect choice to make the feeder squirrel proof, but if still, the squirrel reaches the bird seeds. Let’s see different techniques that help you to squirrel proof your bird feeder pole.

1. Rule of 5-7-9

It is a well-known rule to hang the birdfeeder anywhere. The squirrels usually don’t jump more than 5 feet, and not jump over 7 feet away feeder. Moreover, squirrels also don’t jump over a feeder from 9 feet in height. So, if you set your pole in a way such that its feeder hanging hook is minimum 5 feet above from the ground, it’s a perfect height to save the seeds from the squirrel attacks. Moreover, make sure to take in mind space and the above space as well.

2. Use a baffle

We know the squirrels are also an excellent climber, and they can easily climb over any pole, which provides them a little help. Even the squirrels can also climb over a metal pole as well. So, you can use an additional baffle with your pole to discourage the squirrels. The squirrel’s baffles are semi-sphere shape metal items which can protect your pole from the squirrel attacks. You can attach the baffle below the pole to discourage the squirrels from climbing up from the earth.

3. Toy with squirrels  

If you want to do some fun with the squirrels, you can also try turning a toy slinky into a baffle. Use the thread to attach the slinky under the feeder, allowing to drape down. If the slinky is already touching the ground, you need to shorten the thread. Squirrels always get back on the ground after every visit.

4. Hang the feeder on a wire

You can also hang your feeder with a thin wire to discourage the squirrels. A two-pole system is a perfect choice to hang the feeder with thin wire. Use the two poles to attach both ends of the wire with separate poles. Hang the feeder in the middle of both poles. Make sure there is nothing around the feeder. But sometimes it is observed that squirrels can quickly move over the tight rope. So, to prevent this, you can use the plastic soda bottle on both ends, so whenever a squirrel approaches the feeder bottle, turn it over.

5. Caged the bird feeder

You can also cage the birdfeeder on the pole to prevent it from squirrels. It can be the best technique when you are looking for feeding the small birds. It will also perfect to avoid the seeds from the bully birds as well. But in some areas, the squirrels are also tiny; in these areas, this technique is not much effective.

6. Pick a good pole material

Pole material is also another factor that plays a role in the squirrel proofing of the bird feeders. When we talk about the metal and wood pole, the squirrel can easily climb on these poles. But it is observed that if your pole is made up of PVC or copper, it can be challenging for the squirrels. So, try to make your pole and feeder by using these types of material. Because usually, the birdfeeder poles are made up of wood or metal.

7. Keep the pole clean

Cleaning is another essential thing to keep the squirrels away from the feeder pole. Makes sure the around space of the feeder is clean from any squirrel attracting things. The spreading seeds below the bird feeders can be responsible for the attraction of the squirrels. You can hang a separate tray beneath the feeder to prevent the seeds from spreading.

8. Hang a soap

It is another good technique to discourage the squirrels from visiting the birdfeeder pole. You can hang a soap near the birdfeeder; this will minimize the squirrel’s visit to your feeder. The scent of the soap is responsible for repelling the squirrels and other unwanted mammals.

9. Use a spinning hook

A spinning hook is another useful tool to use to repel the squirrels. You can use a spinning hook to hang the birdfeeder with the pole. This hook will rotate the birdfeeder whenever a little weight is over the feeder. So, it is an excellent tool to discourage the squirrels from revisiting the birdfeeder.

10. Switch up the seeds

Squirrels love the most type of bird seeds. But it is observed that bird some seeds are discouraging for the squirrels. For example, the safflower seeds are not liked by the squirrels. So, you can also regularly switch the bird seeds in your pole feeder with safflower seeds.

11. Feeding the squirrels

It is another way to keep the squirrels away from the bird feeder poles. You can feed the squirrels with an easy seed source to keep them away from the bird pole. You can offer the peanuts to the squirrels to keep them away from bird poles.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that it’s essential to keep the squirrels away from the poles to attract the maximum number of birds on the pole bird feeders. It would be best if you made sure that the squirrels can’t reach the bird feeders. We have listed some best techniques above; you can choose any technique according to your need.

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  1. I just buy an Ashman Shepherd Hook 92 Inch. I have it outside our kitchen window so I can watch blue jays and hummingbirds real close. Also, the height is not too high for the birds to feed on but high enough for squirrels to climb to. I just added a cone baffle to stop them from taking over the bird food supply.

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