Report of America about sudden death of birds by household danger

Since December 2014, the USDA and U.S department detected and reported hundreds of birds that are affected by the household danger. These are the departments of the National wildlife health center. These birds include the different types of small and wild birds as well. Mostly the small birds are affected more by the household danger.


This research is just stated when the people found several dead birds around. After collecting the data and observing the environment, it is found that the household danger for birds includes household scrap, mirrors, pets, ceiling fans, electrical cords, windows, Non-stick coating, poisoning, etc.

Let’s see the results of this report to know how many birds died due to different household dangers.

1. Birds death due to windows and mirrors collision

window colliosionsWindows and mirrors are found very deadly for the birds because the birds can‘t recognize their reflection in the mirror. Scientists estimate that almost 100 million or maybe a billion birds die each year due to colliding with the glassy walls in the US. The illuminated skyscrapers are also responsible for the death of the birds due to collision.

Mostly the city areas are more responsible for this type of death of the birds. Most of the birds are died in Chicago city due to its glassy structure. It is recognized as the most dangerous city for feather travelers. More than 5 million birds fly through this city each year. The second city is New York, where almost 90,000 to 200,000 birds are killed due to glassy building collisions.

2. Birds death due to ceiling fan

ceilling fansA ceiling fan is another killing household danger for the birds. Especially when we talk about the small birds, a big bird can also get a lifetime injury by the ceiling fans, which can also lead it to death. Sparrows are one of the most affected birds by the ceiling fans. They usually build their nests inside the home and fly in the house the whole day. There are thousands of birds reported all over America which are affected by the ceiling fans. Most of the incidents happen in the morning and evening when the mother sparrows are trying to bring food for their baby sparrows. So, make sure the sparrows and other little birds don’t have nests near the ceiling fan.

3. Birds death due to poisoning

poisoningOn 17 March 2017, a resident of Modesto, California, reported a hundred dead birds along the streets without any injury. After that, it is found that it is due to the poisoning of the seeds of the fallen elm trees. After that, deep research is started about the poisoning of the different songbirds, and it is found that thousands of birds are died in America each year due to poisoning.

4. Birds death due to electric cords

electric cordsThere are thousands of birds dying each year due to flying through the electric cords and power lines. The number of birds that died due to electric cords are far higher as compared to other dangers. The electric cords can lead the birds to sudden death. Large birds are mostly affected by the power cables due to their weight and momentum.

5. Birds death due to non-stick coating

non-stickDifferent types of non-stick coating material are responsible for the bird’s instant death. Mostly the pet birds’ deaths are reported due to non-stick coating because these birds have access to the kitchen. There is a number of non-stick coating items in the kitchen that can be responsible for the bird’s instant death at a certain temperature. Almost 6.9 million birds are reported all over the U.S, whose death is linked with non-stick coating items. There are many other household dangers that can instantly kill birds.



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