How to Purchase a Perfect Bird Feeder Pole? 7 Effective Tips You Must Consider!

Purchasing a bird feeder pole is not less than a challenge due to a variety of bird feeder poles in the market. These bird feeder poles have different designs, shapes, sizes, and materials depending upon their price and need. For example, if you are going to feed the wild birds, you need a good quality sturdy bird feeder pole, while in the case of small birds, a short diameter pole is also right.


Tips for purchasing a bird feeder pole

Some people don’t know much about the bird feeder poles and have little hesitation while purchasing a bird pole. If you are also having some hesitation while buying a bird feeder pole, you can follow the below tips.

1. Check the pole is squirrel proof

Squirrels are one of those unwanted audiences on the bird feeder poles, which everybody doesn’t want on their poles. They can minimize the purpose of any bird feeder pole. But sometimes it’s challenging to explain to those who never experience them yet. So, when you are going to purchase the bird feeder pole, make sure it’s entirely squirrel proof.

Some people also use other kinds of things to prevent the poles from squirrel’s attack. These things mainly include the squirrel baffle and raccoon as well. A perfect pole system with a right baffle can be ideal for anyone to feed the birds.

2. Check the pole is sturdy

The second tip is about the durability of the pole. When you are going to place the pole in your garden, you need to buy a perfect sturdy and durable pole. Because there are different birds are there which going to use your pole in the garden. You need to concentrate on the pole material, weight, weatherproofing, and the durability of the poles pipe.

3. Check the bird feeder pole look

You should also need to take in mind the look of the bird feeder pole look. Bird feeder pole is the central unit of any garden, and it must look well to increase the beauty of any garden. So, make sure that the bird feeder pole is functioned well and looks good as well.

4. Assembling time of the bird feeder pole

The assembling time of the birdfeeder pole is also crucial. You can assemble your bird feeder pole before purchasing to test the assembling time. When we talk about the ideal birdfeeders, they don’t take more time than an hour to install. Any birdfeeder doesn’t have complicated instructions to install.

5. Features of the bird feeder pole

See the different features of the bird feeder pole and choose the best one that perfectly suite you. These features can include the size, quality, number of hooks, and weight, etc. All these features can play an essential role in the choice of bird feeder pole. Many professional recommended that a pole system which can handle four feeders is good to use in the garden.

6. Underground Support

Some people separately buy the inexpensive shepherds hooks to hang their feeder. These shepherds can only hold one or two feeders. So, if you are looking to hang the more bird feeders, you can buy a feeder with an auger system. This feature allows the pole to be correctly screwed into the ground and provide the maximum support to hang the number of bird feeders.

7. Cost

Cost is also essential and reflects the quality of any feeder. It is recommended not to buy a cheap bird feeder pole. So, if you have a reasonable budget, you can go for an excellent expensive bird feeder pole, which provides the full features.

How to set up the advanced pole system?

The basic set up of the advanced pole system includes the following things.

  • 48 inches base pole
  • 48 inches extension pole
  • Double crook arm
  • Two-piece large stabilizer
  • Finial

An advanced pole system is a perfect beginning to feed the bird in the garden. A right watering station in the advanced pole system is suitable to meet the individual needs. You can twist the 4-foot pole of these systems in the ground using a corkscrew auger. In the next step, slide the stabilizer on the pole base and push it into the ground. Now you can add the extension pole over the base pole and attach the polearms correctly. Some advanced pole systems also include the decorative finial; if your feeder also has the decorative finial, attach it and hang the bird feeder with it. Your advanced pole system is ready to attract the birds in the garden.

What is the excellent location for the bird feeder poles?  

Bird feeder poles are the best things to attract the maximum number of birds in the garden. But the location of a pole also plays an essential role in the attraction of the birds. If you have a perfect pole located at bad locations, you can’t get the maximum benefit through this pole system. So, make sure to place the pole where the birds feel safe from the predators. Make sure to hang the feeder at eye level or above. Moreover, it would be best if you made sure that nothing is supporting around the bird feeder.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that buying a bird feeder pole is a challenging task due to a variety of bird feeder poles in the market. But a good quality bird feeder pole is always handy over-all low-quality poles. Low-quality poles are not right in the outdoors where the wild birds are also present. So, it’s recommended to buy the right quality bird feeder pole to feed the birds.


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