The 10 Most Common Garden Birds by BirdFeederist

Many people like to see the different species of birds in their gardens to increase the natural beauty of their gardens. For this purpose, people also use various techniques to attract birds. The most common methods of attracting the birds in the garden are feeding techniques.


When we talk about garden birds, they are usually smaller and like to travel the different areas during the different seasons. That’s the reason you may don’t found any particular specie in your garden in the specific season. When we talk about the most common garden birds, these include the robins, starlings, house sparrows, blackbirds, and blue tits. Let’s see some common garden birds.

1. Robin


Robin is one of the easiest birds to spot in the garden. Its bright red chest is visible from long distances. You can quickly locate this bird in your garden throughout the year, especially in the festival season.

This is the one reason that this bird is also considered as the symbol of Christmas. Moreover, the beautiful sound of these birds provides you great peace of mind.

2. Collared dove

Colorado dve

Collared doves are also known as the neck-ring dove. This bird is pink-grey to brown. They have black color around their neck, which is mostly related to their name and identity. Moreover, their reddish eyes and feet are also beautiful for the viewer.

The monotonous cooing sound of these birds is beautiful for the people. You can easily spot these birds in your garden due to their medium size and voice.

3. Great tit

great tit 3

The great tit is the longest of the UK tit family. It is another most found bird in the garden. Moreover, their glowing white cheeks are very visible from long distances.

There are different species of great tits. During the winter season, this bird joins with the other breeds of the tit and makes a flock. It is a small size bird with mostly black and white color combinations.

4. Goldfinch

gold finch 4

The goldfinch is a colorful garden bird with mainly red, black, yellow, and white colors. It has a red face with yellow wings, which makes it unique among the garden birds.

If you spot this bird in your garden, you can listen to the peaceful twittering. You can easily attract these birds with bird feeders. But in the winter season, these birds travel to the little warmer areas.


5. Chaffinch


It is another mostly found finch specie in the garden. You can easily find this specie near your garden feeder. You can also find them on the ground; they can also be found on the ground in search of food.

Moreover, You can easily listen to the loud song of these birds from the distance. These partnered feathers can easily blend into the earth.

6. Wood pigeon

wood pigeon 6

The wood pigeon is the largest pigeon species found in the garden. It has mostly grey color with white detail on the neck and wings. Moreover, you can easily listen to its cooing sound in your garden. You can also listen to the clatter of its wings during flight.

7. Blackbird

black birds 7

Blackbird is another commonly found birds in the garden. Their name is coming from their black color, but only males come in black colors, the female is mainly brown in color.

There are different types of spots and patterns on the breasts of the females. You can easily recognize the male from their orange-yellow beak and eye area. Blackbirds are also known for singing the mellow song.

8. Starling


Starling usually is considered black in color because from long distances; they give a black look. But the starlings have purple undertones.

Starling is a little smaller in size as compared to blackbirds. The starlings are a little noisy and social species. So, you can easily spot these birds in your garden due to their loud noise. They are usually traveling in folks.

9. Blue tit

blue tit9

The blue tit is another specie of the tits with bright colors—this specie of the tits boasting the hues of blue, yellow, and green. You can easily recognize this attractive bird in your garden.

These birds love to travel in folks in the winter season. They travel the different parts of the area to feed their families.

10. House sparrows

house sparrow 10

The House sparrow is another mostly found garden bird. This bird is mainly identified by its chestnut back and black patterns on the feathers.

The most interesting fact about the house sparrows is their beak, which is yellow-brown in winter and black in warmer months. You can also recognize them by their unique attracting voice.

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