What are the main causes of the bird’s die-offs? by BirdFeederist

Usually, it is thought that Bird’s die-offs are due to some environmental problems. But each time the Bird’s die-offs don’t need to be related to the ecological issues. There can be many other issues related to Bird’s die-offs problem. There can be many reasons for the dozens of the Bird’s death at once.

Usually, people don’t know about such issues, so they are always surprised when they hear about dozens of birds are dead. People can help prevent the dozens of birds from dying. If you are serious about this issue, we are here to help you. Your goal is to protect birds, but they don’t know what to do?

Causes of Bird's Die-offs
Causes of Bird’s Die-offs

Leading reasons for the Bird’s die-offs

The leading causes of the Bird’s die-offs can include different types of illnesses, predators, and environmental issues as well. Let’s see the leading causes of these issues to minimize Bird’s die-offs.

1. Trauma

Sometimes the birds powerfully collide with the solid things which cause trauma in the Bird’s body. The main body parts of the birds, which can be affected by trauma, include the wings and head. This collision can also include the collision with the other birds. Sometimes birds even collide with unusual obstacles. So people help the birds by removing these unexpected obstacles from their paths. Especially during the migration season, you need to turn off the lights to prevent the birds from having window collisions.

2. Freezing

Although the birds can survive in the cold season as well, a sudden layer of freezing can cause the Bird’s die-offs. When we talk about small birds, they are usually affected more by this. But a sudden change in temperature can affect any bird. The availability of suitable shelters can minimize birds’ die-offs. So you can provide the birds with a good winter shelter to reduce this issue in the cold season. The fresh oily seeds are also very beneficial for the birds during this season. So keeping the feeder full of oily seeds during this season is an excellent way to help the birds.

3. Poisoning

Sometimes people use pesticides and insecticides for the crops. People need to know that these can be poisonous for the birds. Similarly, the fertilizers and other chemicals that are usually used for agriculture can be dangerous for the birds. So people need to use these types of chemicals safely to protect the birds from their harmful effects. People can prefer organic techniques to minimize Bird’s die-offs due to this issue.

4. Exhaustion

Exhaustion is mainly a problem with migrating birds, especially for those birds which cover long distances without any rest. These birds can suddenly crash on the ground due to an abstraction or trauma. But some birds just make some proper plans for the long migrations. For example, some birds especially take care of their food before migration. So you can simply provide a good source of food to the birds near their migration. This will help the birds from exhaustion during migration.

5. Parasites

Some parasites are also harmful to the birds. They just spread out the toxic chemicals for the birds. These parasites include ticks and mites. To minimize the parasites, you can simply clean out your house after the nesting season. This will minimize the parasites, which are very beneficial for the birds.

6. Illness

Different types of seasonal diseases can also be responsible for birds’ die-offs. For example, some famous diseases include avian botulism, West Nile virus, and avian influenza. If this disease spread quickly, they can be responsible for the deaths of hundreds of birds in just a few days. So the best way to minimize these types of issues is to keep clean the bird feeders. So make sure to thoroughly clean your bird feeder before providing the food to the birds.

7. Pollution

Pollution is another reason for the hundreds of Bird’s death throughout the year. This pollution includes different types of oil splits and toxic hazards. A polluted environment can also affect the Bird’s food supply as well as a dirty environment that can affect other wildlife. So people always need to dispose of the toxic materials after use. This can be a significant step to help the whole wildlife.

8. Predators

Some areas are primarily known for the Bird’s predators, and they can quickly clean out the colonies of the birds. These predators include cats, dogs, and many other wild birds. The wild Bird usually attacks the small size birds. The other Bird’s predators include raccoons, snakes, and rats. So make sure to keep clean your garden from these types of predators to help the birds.

9. Storms

A violent storm can be responsible for the death of hundreds of birds at once. These types of storms can also cause lifetime injuries for the birds. Moreover, sometimes birds also move from their right paths due to storms and don’t know about different areas. When we talk about larger storms like hurricanes, they can be most dangerous for any bird. But you can help the birds to prevent this type of weather. Make sure to provide the birds with good and safe nesting locations. A good location can help the birds to minimize the risk of bad weather.

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Dozens of birds fall dead from the sky


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that there can be different causes for the Bird’s die-offs—these things related to weather conditions, Bird’s diet, Bird’s migration, and sudden accidents. But people can help the birds to prevent these types of issues. For example, people can’t change the natural weather condition, but they can help the birds to survive during the bad weather condition. Similarly, people also help birds in many other ways, as discussed above.

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