List of Unsafe Bird Toys? by BirdFeederist

It is very unfortunate to know that many birds suffer from some dangerous toys. Usually, people just placed these toys in the cage so the birds can play with them, but they don’t know about the danger of these toys. Birds can get lifetime injuries from dangerous toys. Sometimes these injuries are also responsible for their death.


Many of the pet toy owners just think about their profit; they don’t consider the pet dangers. However, any toy is not completely safe for the birds because accidents can happen at any time due to any reason. But a little knowledge is always perfect for keeping the birds safe and happy. We are going to list down the unsafe birds’ toys for your pet. You can follow the below list to minimize the dangers for your pet bird.

1. Woods

There are different types of wood that can be used to entertain the birds. But you need to take special care while selecting the wood. You can’t use the cedar, red cherry, plywood, and oak to entertain the birds. Don’t use any rough branch from the outside; you don’t know about its dangers. Moreover, try to avoid flavoring the wood; birds don’t like flavored wood. So, don’t encourage your pet bird to eat the wood. Moreover, the sugar used can also promote bacterial growth.

2. Rope

There are different types of ropes available which are soft and can be used for birds to entertain. But when we talk about the nylon, please make sure to don’t use this material rope, its strength is not good for the birds. Birds can get the cuts by the nylon rope. Moreover, a nylon rope can also be responsible for some serious injuries.

3. Chain

There are different types of chains available which the people use in the cage for various purposes. But when we talk about the zinc-coated and galvanized chain, it can be very dangerous for the birds. Zinc toxicity is very bad for the birds. Especially make sure there are no open links in the chain because the sharp edges of the open chains can be responsible for different cuts. Make sure the chain doesn’t have any open link where the body parts are caught.

4. Acrylic

Don’t offer the acrylic and plastic toys to the birds. Especially when we talk about the larger birds, the plastic an acrylic toy can be dangerous. Maybe the birds can easily break the plastic toys, and the component of the toys cause some serious issues with the birds. Sometimes the birds ingested the sharp edges.

5. Leather

Leather can also be dangerous for many birds. Especially the dyed and tanned leather with chemicals can be bad for the birds. Make sure your pet bird is not chewing on the old leather. So, the old leather items such as shoes, purses, wallets, and belts should be away from the birds.

6. Fasteners

Makes sure to avoid the key ring type fasteners, snap-type hooks, and spring-loaded clips. All these things can be dangerous for your bird. The birds start playing with them and can get some serious injuries. Especially the bird’s tongue or toes can be caught in these types of toys.

7. Rings

Sometimes the rings are considered as the perfect item for the birds to play. But the material, size, and condition of the ring play a role in the safety of the birds. You need to choose a proper size for the ring, so your bird is safe from head caught. Moreover, don’t provide such a toy to the birds which have multiple rings to looped together. The loop type rings can be responsible for different hanging issues.

8. Bells

Some small components inside the bells can be dangerous for the birds; such the clapper should be secure to minimize the danger. You need to avoid the jingle type bells because the narrow openings of these bells can be responsible for birds cut. Sometimes the birds are also caught in these narrow openings.

Some Tips for Using bird Toys

Toys are always a good entertaining thing for the birds. So, we can’t just ignore the toys. We always need to use some toys for our pets to entertain them. But we can follow some rules to minimize the dangers.

  • You should hang your toy close to the surface. So, if any case the toy is free from the rope, it will not cause any danger for birds.
  • Always try to keep check the toys. Make sure all the toys are in good condition. If you found any toy in bad condition, separate it from the bird toys.
  • Make sure to don’t any kind of chemicals and glues inside the cage to attach the toys. These things include glues, chemicals, adhesives, and toothpaste.
  • If you have time, try to monitor your bird when it’s playing with the toys.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the bird’s toys can be dangerous for the birds in many cases. But we can’t just stop using the bird toys; these are the essential items for the birds to entertain. You can simply follow some above guidelines to keep the birds safe.

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