List of Sharp Hidden Items that are Dangerous for Birds by BirdFeederist

There are different types of Sharp household items that can be dangerous for birds in many ways. There can be many dangerous things for your pet and other garden birds. Especially when we talk about the pet birds, the cage is its home, and anything in your home is its environment. So, there can be much danger for your bird in the surrounding.


There is always a need to supervise the birds due to their mischievous nature. If these are not properly supervised, they can get into many injuries and other issues. So, below are the usual sharp hidden dangerous items for the birds. But these are not the only things; make sure to consider the other possible dangers as well.

1. Temperature and humidity

temperature and humidityThe sudden changes in the temperature are not good for the bird’s health. But the gradual changes in temperature ranging from 10 to 20 F are tolerated for healthy birds. A little warm temperature is good for sick birds.

The ideal range of humidity for the birds is 40 to 50%. Too much humidity is supportive of the birds as compared to a completely dry environment. If you are allowing the bird to bathe in the sun, make sure to provide shelter as well to prevent it from overheating.

2. Teflon

TeflonThe overheated Teflon-coated appliances of the kitchen and ovens release some colorless and orderless gasses which be responsible for the sudden death of the birds. So, make sure the birds don’t have access to the kitchen or near the kitchen.

But if the bird is affected by these gasses, it’s needed urgent veterinary attention. So, if you found any bird affected by these gasses, the first thing you can do is to take it away from the kitchen environment.

3. Air pollution

Air polutionThe sensitive respiratory system of the birds can be affected by the pollutants in the air. Birds are very affected by second-hand smoke. So, make sure to don’t use cigarettes, cigars, and pipes near the birds.

You need to make sure that the smoke does not travel to the birds. Moreover, the cooking fumes, carbon monoxide, volatile cleaning products, paints, and varnishes can also be dangerous for the birds.

4. Oil and grease

oil and greaseDon’t use the oil or grease on the bird visited areas. Oil and grease can attach to the bird feathers and cause problems for the birds. Moreover, can’t use any oil or grease-based medicine on the birds for any reason. These oils and grease-based things include Vaseline, minerals oil, oil-based ointments, cocking oils, vitamin E oils, cod liver oil, certainly motor oil.

5. Mirrors and windows

mirrors and windowsBirds are not master to know about the concept of mirrors. For the birds, there is nothing solid in the direction of the mirror, and windows. You need to make sure there is something on the mirror and window, or something stuck on these types of surfaces. This is a good way to show the birds there is an object on the front.

6. Plants

plantsPeople usually the different types of plants to attract plant-loving birds in their garden. Many plants are loved by the bird, but people need to know that there are some plants that are also poisonous to the birds. The poisonous plants can cause the sudden death of the birds or can be responsible for the bird’s health issues. These plants mainly include the Nightshade, Oak, Oleander, and many other plants. Make sure you don’t have these types of plants in your garden.

7. Fans

fanA fan is one of the most dangerous household items for any bird. It can be responsible for the sudden death of the bird or can cause lifetime injuries for any bird. Make sure the bird is not able to fly when the fan is running. The birds can’t observe the running blades of the fan. Especially the ceiling fans are more dangerous for the birds.

8. Electrical Cords

electric cordsBirds love to chew the soft rubbery coating of the electrical cords. The chewable coating of the cords attracts the birds. It is a good attractive toy for the bird. But it can lead your bird to the potential danger of electrocution. Facial burns, and serious fire hazards as well. So, make sure to hide away the cords and unplug them when the bird is out of the cage. Here is a list of more unsafe birds toys.

9. Chemicals

chemicalsThere are different types of chemicals that can be dangerous for birds. Birds like to play and explore the different dangerous chemical products. These products mainly include cleaning agents, insecticides, mothballs, deodorizers, paints, solvents, and makeup. But these are just some items, you need to keep a check on all the chemical items which can be dangerous for birds.

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