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Window feeders are essential devices to enjoy the birds from small distances. You can easily observe the birds without disturbing them. But every rough window is not attractive for the birds. You need to take some special care while attracting the birds using window bird feeders. Because in some cases, windows have also become very dangerous for the birds.


Key Points About Window Bird Feeders

Everybody should know some critical points before going to use the window bird feeders. Let’s see some key points that help you attract the maximum number of birds on the window feeders.

Type of window feeder

The window feeder type is an essential factor to keep in mind while using the window feeder for birds. A window feeder can come in different types depending upon its mounting techniques. These types mainly include the outside mount window feeders, solarium bird feeders, and hanging feeders. All these feeders are perfect, depending upon the window style and your need. You need to choose the best one which is ideal according to your window and comfortable for you.

Size of window feeder

The size of the window feeder is another critical point to take in mind. The window feeder’s size mainly depends upon the number of birds you want to attract to your window. Moreover, it also depends upon your available time because a less capacity feeder can empty quickly, and you need to refill this feeder again and again. Many of the window feeders come with only 1-2 cups of capacity to feed the small birds. The larger feeders can accommodate a greater number of birds with maximum capacity.

Feeder style

Feeders’ style is another factor that plays a role in the attraction of the birds on the window. It would be best if you chose a perfect style feeder that works with your window. You need to check the dimension of the window bird feeder before purchasing it. Moreover, it would be best if you saw the different windowsill and mounting bird feeders. If you have a casement window, you need a specially designed feeder. Make sure you can easily access the feeder for cleaning and refilling purposes.

Feeder placement

You need to choose a perfect feeder location on the window to attract the maximum number of birds. Choose a location that is easily viewed from the inside and outside as well. If you are looking to observe the birds from a standpoint, make sure to hang the feeder at a specific height according to your height. Moreover, which window is perfect for the birds? Many people always choose the window which is facing the backyard. It is the perfect window to attract birds. But you can also choose any other window, which is the less conspicuous side of the house.

Suction cups

When we talk about the window bird feeders, suctions cups are also essential. Because suction cups are the bird feeders’ component that bears the full weight of the window feeder in maximum cases, do some people ask how long a suction cup can hold the bird feeder? These people need to make sure that a properly placed suction cup can hold your feeder indefinitely. It would help if you made sure that the suction cups and windows are properly clean. Moreover, you can also use a cocking oil inside the suction cups.

Feeder placement time

You can place the window feeder at any time of the year to attract the birds. Some feeders are not suitable for use in the winter season, especially during the colder days. These types of feeders are mainly including the solarium type of feeders. So, solarium type of feeders is inconvenient for individuals living in colder areas because these types of feeders require a window to be open.

Birds type

Birds type is also a little necessary when we talk about the window feeders. Usually, you can attract all types of birds with window feeders. But the smaller birds are relatively easy to attract to the window bird feeders. You can also use a two-way mirror feeder for more skittish birds.

Squirrel proofing

Squirrels are one of the most unwanted audiences on the window bird feeders. Depending upon the feeder type and style, the squirrel may easily reach the window bird feeder or not. But usually, it’s tough for the squirrels to access the window bird feeders. In some cases, if the feeder doesn’t have much protection, squirrels can jump to the window bird feeder. Especially if your window is facing the backyard, make sure nothing is supporting around the window.

Cleaning of window feeder

Some people ask the question, should they need to clean their window feeders? People need to make sure that it’s necessary to clean the window feeders regularly. You can use the water and anti-bacterial mild detergents to clean out the window feeders. There is no proper timing for cleaning the bird feeders; whenever you see your feeder need cleaning, you need to clean to prevent the birds from any health hazards.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that different key points help you attract the maximum number of birds on the window feeders. You can’t just hang the feeder anywhere on the window and wait for the bird’s arrival. Make sure to concentrate on the above points to make it easier for the birds and you.

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