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Blue Jays are the most recognizable birds in North America, so some people try to attract these birds in their gardens using specially designed feeders for blue jays and some are looking for ways to get rid of them. Although these Birds can increase the natural beauty of any garden.

But these birds are not as simple as they look. There are many interesting facts about these birds which people usually don’t know. There are many exciting things to know about them, other than their blue feathers and pleasant personality.

interesting facts about the Blue Jays
interesting facts about the Blue Jays

Interesting facts about the Blue Jays

The different exciting facts about the Blue Jays are mind-blowing and opposite to their name and personality. When these facts are shared with people, they were shocked. Let’s see the different exciting facts about the Blue Jays.

1. Blue Jays are not blue

Yes, the Blue Jays are not actually blue. It is very shocking for many people because they can easily see the blue color of the Blue Jays. Moreover, people know that their name also comes from their blue color. But the blue color is just a trick of the light. The feather of the Blue Jay scatters the light due to which the feathers are seen in blue color. If we take the Blue Jay feather and mix it in water, it will turn into a brown color, and the watercolor will also be brownish.

2. Male and Female Blue Jays look the Same

This is another interesting fact about the Blue Jays as compared to many other birds because there is always a small difference in males and females in all the different bird species. The difference usually is in their colors, personality, flying motion, etc. But in the case of Blue Jays, you can’t judge the male and female Blue Jay easily.

3. Longer life Span

Blue Jays live a longer life span as compared to many other birds of their size and weight. The average life span of the Blue Jays is 5 to 7 years, which is the maximum among all the birds of this size. But the oldest known Blue Jay is about 26 years old. Mostly the Blue Jays are died due to predators or any other human-made hurdles.

4. Official state bird of three states

The Blue Jays are the official state birds of the three different states of America. These states include Zilch, Nowhere, and Nada. So you can say that this is the most loving bird of these states.

5. Blue Jays Alarm Calls

There are many other wild predators of the Blue Jays, including the Red-shouldered Hawk. They can be very dangerous for the Blue Jays. But the Blue Jays has special alarm calls which protect them from the other wild predators. Blue Jays are so smart that they can easily imitate the sounds of Hawks. Blue Jays are so smart that they also use the Hawks sound to disperse other birds and enjoy the food lonely.

6. Blue Jays can be bullies

Some people think that the Blue Jays are always very cooperative with the other species. But it also observed that they don’t like the other birds on their feeders. If they found any other bird on the feeders, a group of the Blue Jays can be attacked on them. Some people also dislike the behavior of the Blue Jays.

7. Blue Jays are very loud

Blue Jays are usually very loud and noisy as compared to their medium size. Some sounds of the Blue Jays are very delightful, while some are very annoying. Some people don’t think that these loud voices are the voices of the Blue Jays, depending upon their sizes.

8. Blue Jays fly slow

People usually think that the Blue Jays will fly fast depending upon their size. But surprisingly, the Blue Jays fly very slowly as compared to many other birds of their sizes. A Blue Jay can fly with a speed of 25 mph as compared to falcons that can reach a speed up to 200 mph.

9. Blue Jays are very intelligent        

Blue Jays are brilliant birds as compared to many other birds. The Blue Jays were noticed waiting for the humans to put out their remaining food. Moreover, sometimes the Blue Jays are also observed in using different kinds of tools to obtain the food.

10. Blue Jays roll in ants

This thing is very awkward for many people. But the Blue Jays are so intelligent and like to crush down the ants and other insects before eating. This is a good way for the Blue Jays to crush down the ants and other insects before eating.

11. Unpredictable migration patterns

As compared to many other birds, the Blue Jays are very unpredictable in their migration pattern. You can’t easily say anything about their migration. Blue Jays can live in any specific area for a longer time depending upon the weather and food sources. Especially the winter food sources because it’s difficult for many birds to find fresh food in the winter season.

Three main similarities in Blue Jays and Cardinals

Blue Jays and the Cardinals are two different birds, but there are many similarities in these birds as well. Let’s see the three main similarities of these birds.

  • The first thing is about the shape and size of both birds. Blue Jays and Cardinals both have the same medium size with sam shape.
  • The second thing is about diet. Blue Jays and Cardinals love to eat different kinds of seeds, insects, and fruit as well.
  • The third thing is about their popularity. Blue Jays and Cardinals are both very popular in the different states of America, depending upon their areas.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the Blue Jays are the beautiful birds to increase the beauty of any garden. But the people usually don’t know about some unique and exciting qualities of the Blue Jays. These attractive qualities are very shocking for people.

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