How we can protect our feeders from wild birds? By BirdFeederist

Usually, people use the bird feeders to feed the different small species of the birds and want to keep away the wild birds from the feeders. Because wild birds quickly empty their feeders. Moreover, wild birds are also not well for their small feeders, as they can damage the feeders in many ways. Wild birds can include the owl, big parrots, pigeon, crows, and many other big species of the birds. These birds minimize the purpose of bird feeders in the garden.

A wild bird can damage the feeder perches, ports, and squirrel proof mechanism and makes it useless even for the small birds. Moreover, sometime in the presence of wild birds, little birds don’t like to visit the feeders. So people are always in search of different techniques to protect their feeders from wild birds.

Feeder Protection From Wild Birds
Feeder Protection From Wild Birds

Different ways to protect the feeder from wild birds

You can keep away the wild birds from your feeder using different techniques. These techniques mainly include the use of the unique feeders with a unique mechanism to protect the feeders from wild bird attacks. But there are many other ways to protect the feeders from wild birds. Let’s see some unique feeder’s mechanisms and some different ways to keep the wild birds away.

1. Weight adjustable feeder

Weight adjustable is a useful feature of some unique feeders to protect them from wild birds. This feature works depending upon the weight of the birds. You can easily adjust the weight limit of this feeder according to the birds which you want to feed. This feeder will automatically be closed when it faces a bird with overweight then its weight limit. You can also adjust the weight according to any small bird weight as well. So it’s a suitable feeder to feed a specific specie even to feed the little birds as well. The shroud of this feeder automatically closed. These type feeders are also very helping to protect the seeds from many other unwanted audiences.

2. Small perches feeder                         

The use of small perches feeder is another way to keep the wild birds away from the feeder. Because wild birds usually need excellent support around the feeder to feed on it. But small birds can easily use these little perches to feed. Moreover, make sure the perches are close to the feeder, so the wild birds can’t easily adjust on these perches.

3. A tube feeder with small ports

Tube feeders with small ports can also be an excellent way to protect the seeds from the wild birds because tube feeders don’t allow the wild birds to adjust around the feeder easily. Moreover, the small ports of the feeder don’t let the birds take the seeds from the feeder easily. So the wild birds usually don’t revisit these type feeders after their first visit. But you need to take special care of the tube feeders—especially those who don’t have a good ventilation system.

4. Keep a ground feeding tray

Keeping the separate ground feeding tray is another right way to keep the birds away from the small bird’s feeders. Especially, the pigeons and many other ground-feeding birds. You can simply use this tray with the bird feeders in your garden. The best way is to use the adjustable shelf with the feeder. You can also spread some seeds on the ground for the ground feeding birds. But make sure there are no squirrels and other unwanted audiences in your garden because the spreading seeds can be more attractive for the squirrels as well.

5. Keep the feeder in a cage

Keeping the feeder in a cage is another right way to keep the wild birds away from the seed feeder. Because for big birds, it’s not easy to reach a caged feeder. But it would be best if you made sure that the spaces in the cage are not too small that even the tiny birds are also not able to eat the seeds. You can simply by cage depending upon the wild birds’ size, which you want to keep away from the feeder.

Sometimes people also prefer this method to keep safe to their feeders. Because sometimes wild birds just knock the feeder on the ground. The larger handles of the caged feeders help the feeder to stick with the tree stem or any pole strongly. You can also use a simple hanging basket for this purpose. Take two hanging baskets and strongly connect them. You just need to place your feeder inside the hanging basket and attach it with the tree or pole.

6. Give an alternative to wild birds

You can also give an alternative source of food to the wild birds from where they can easily get the food. Because a more natural food source will discourage the wild birds from visiting your unique feeder for the small birds, make sure to provide this alternative food source in high places in your garden. Because the big and wild bird’s usually like to feed on more top spots. Once the wild birds build the habit of eating from higher places, they don’t even visit the smaller bird feeders.

7. Keep clean the around space

Make sure nothing is helping around the small bird feeder. Because the wild bird always needs some strong helping things around the small feeders to adjust on the small feeders easily. But if your feeder is placed in an excellent open environment, this will be a great discouraging factor for the wild birds. Moreover, helping things around the small feeders also very helpful for squirrels and many other unwanted audiences as well.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the wild birds can be a significant discouraging factor for the small birds to visit the feeders. So the people usually want only little birds on their feeders. So they always try to keep the wild birds away from the small bird feeders. The primary technique for this purpose is to use unique feeders, which will not allow wild birds. But you can also use some other methods as well, which are discussed above.

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