How we can birding with Binocular in rain? Tips For Birding in the Rain 

Birding is a perfect hobby to observe the natural beauty of the earth. It’s an excellent way to explore the different aspects of life. A sunny day can be a good day for birding. But the rainy day is a perfect day to enjoy natural beauty, especially in the summer season. Birds love the rainy days in the summer season.

But it’s always difficult for people to go for outdoor birding on a rainy day because this can be very risky for them according to many aspects. But there are many safety precautions which can enable you to enjoy the birding in the rainy season without any kind of risk.

Birding in Rain with Binocular
Birding in Rain with Binocular

Tips for birding in the rain         

Sometimes people think that it’s challenging to birding with Binocular in the rain. But you can concentrate on the below tips to makes it very easy on a rainy day as well. Let’s discuss these tips.

1. Two rain layers

The first tip is about yourself. You need to properly cover himself to enjoy the birding on a rainy day. For this purpose, it is observed that the two water-resistant layers are reasonable as compared to only one layer. The inner layer is helpful to keep you dry, while the second layer protects the optics. So whenever you go for birding in the rain, make sure you have two water-resistant layers.

2. Extra cloth

Make sure you have an extra dry cloth in your pocket to clean out the Binocular lenses after a small durations. You can also use this cloth to keep dry your gloves, and shoes, etc. Make sure to stay dry this cloth to get the perfect views from your Binocular. It is also helpful to clean out the lens fog. So whenever you go for birding in the rain, take a dry cloth in the pocket.

3. Towel

One or two towels are also necessary for birding on a rainy day. You can use them to wipe out your wet Binocular and other accessories. You can also use them to dry out your face after small durations. So make sure to bring out the towel with you for birding in the rain.

4. Waterproof things

Waterproof things are one of the essential elements of birding on a rainy day because it’s important to protect all your birding things from the water. First of all, you need a waterproof Binocular for birding in the rain. Waterproof boots are also essential when you are looking for long day birding in the rain. When we talk about the waterproof boots, the extra socks can make a big difference. So make sure to have a waterproof Binuclear with an extra pair of socks.

5. Use umbrella

You can also use the umbrella for better viewing on a rainy day. You can just open the umbrella whenever you want to view the birds. To get these type results, you can also use a location under the tree as well. But an umbrella can be more effective in these types of situations. So we recommend taking an umbrella with you for a rainy day birding.

6. Plastic bag

A plastic bag is also beneficial in this kind of situation because it is very helpful to prevent mixing the dry clothes with wet clothes. You can use this separate plastic bag for all your dry clothes. If you have two small separate plastic bags, it will be more helpful. You can easily use one bag for dry clothes and one bag for wet clothes.

7. Rain hat        

Rain hats are also essential for birding on a rainy day. These rain hats are very helpful for keeping your face dry during the rain. You can also use a baseball hat for this purpose. Whichever hat you are going to use, make sure it is good enough to cover your face to get the maximum benefit. So make sure to bring a rain hat for birding on a rainy day.

8. Down the hood to listen to the birds

You need to down your hood to listen to the birds. Whenever you down your hood, make sure to empty the cold water first before putting it back because this will provide you the maximum comfort during birding.

What is the difference between waterproof and fog-proof Binocular?

Today’s many Binoculars are advertised as the waterproof and fog-proof Binoculars. But people don’t know exactly about these Binoculars. People need to understand what is the precise means of waterproof and fog-proof. This guide is perfect for those people who want to know about the waterproof and fog-proof Binoculars. Let’s discuss both.


When we talk about fully waterproof Binoculars, they are fully sealed from the inside. They are specially sealed from the inside with the rubber O rings. There are many other techniques for sealing the Binoculars from the inside. These rings are completely air and watertight. But it doesn’t mean that you can ultimately use them in the water. You need to wipe off the Binocular after a small period of use.


When we exposed the lenses in the high humidity or rapid temperature extremes, the lenses can fog or mist up. It can affect the view very badly. An inert gas is used inside the barrels at the place of simple air to prevent from bad view. This gas doesn’t have any moisture content which prevents from condensing. Usually, the nitrogen or argon gas is used inside the barrels.

Today we can simply get the waterproof and fog-proof binoculars for the rainy season and any environment.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that it’s a little bit challenging for the people to use the Binocular in the rainy season. But people always want to enjoy the natural beauty of the birds in the rainy season. We have just listed the best steps which can help those peoples who want to enjoy the birding in the rainy season. You just follow the above tips to enjoy the birding in the rain.

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