How to get the sharper bird image? Bird Photography Tips by BirdFeederist

Many people are not happy with their blur images. Especially when we talk about the birds, the sharper images are vital to maximizing the beauty of the bird images. These people don’t need to worry about it because there are a lot of ways that can help you to get sharper bird images.

how to get Sharper Bird Images
how to get Sharper Bird Images

Different ways to get the sharper bird images

Different ways can help you to get sharper images. Let’s see some ideas to help people.

1. Get some support

The first and the most important thing to get the sharper images is some kind of support for the camera. This support can be of different types like a tripod, monopod, or beanbag. These things are essential when you are especially shooting out of the car. Moreover, these things can support your camera to minimize vibrations and movements. These things are necessary to get sharper images. The importance of these things becomes more important when you have a camera with a broader lens and heavyweight. A carbon fiber tripod is recommended for the heavyweight and more extensive lens camera.

2. Fast shutter speed         

Make sure to set your camera up with fast shutter speed to get the sharper images. The recommended shutter speed for the sharper images is 1/1000 because a sharp shutter speed will stop the bird’s movement. Good depth of field with fast shutter speed is perfect for getting the sharper images. But make sure to keep an eye on the ISO.

3. Lens

The use of the lens for the sharper image is a little bit challenging task. People usually recommend the largest mm lens, which you can afford. The best sharper shorts are possible at the 500m to 600mm prime lens. Unfortunately, these lenses are higher in price as compared to others.

4. Higher ISO

You can push the ISO up if you are going to take the images in a brighter and a golden day. Higher ISO can increase the shutter speed of the camera, which is good to take sharper pictures. You can simply set the ISO as higher as you can. It can also vary depending upon your camera. For example, some cameras are good at 800 ISO, while some are good at 3200 to 6400 ISO.

5. Hold your camera and lens in hand

For maximum stability, you can hold your camera and lens in hands. Make sure your left hand is close to the lens hood to move the camera easily. If your hands are close to the lens, it can easily move the camera around its pivot, which is very helpful in getting the sharp images.

6. Take the bird in the center of the frame

Make sure the bird is in the center of the frame to get the perfect sharper image. Although you need to compromise on the composition, this is the best way to get the sharpest image of the bird. But there is a solution to this problem in the post-processing technique of the bird’s images. You can easily center your bird in the frame by cropping.

7. Autofocus the camera

The autofocus system of the camera also helps you to get the sharpest image of the birds. The AF system can help you to set the camera on Autofocus. But auto-focusing camera can’t take the picture until its set at the Autofocus.

8. Use the smallest aperture

You need to use the smallest aperture as possible to get the perfect sharper images. Smallest aperture is helpful to get much depth of field, which is suitable for the sharper images. You can select the aperture number around f/8. At this number, your lens will be focused clearly.

9. Anticipate the action

Try to shoot in short bursts to take the sharper image. You can shoot three to four frames and then let up. After that, you can shoot three to four more frames. Anticipating the action is an excellent way to study the bird’s move and behavior. Moreover, this way, you can also observe the bird’s movement before flying.  So if you want to take the perfect flying bird’s images, this is an excellent technique to study the bird before. You can shoot three to four times to get all the pictures of wings during flapping.

10. Be patient

You need to be patient to get the sharper and flying images of the birds. Because it somehow depends upon your luck as well. You can get the right sharper image quickly by reaching a perfect location at the ideal time. But if your luck is not right, may you can’t get even a single ideal bird image whole the day. So you need to be patient and focused on getting a decent picture.

Watch 5 Important Things to Get Sharp bird Image

Perfect conditions to take the photographs of the birds

You can take the pictures of the birds any time, depending upon your available time. But in some circumstances depending upon the environment, the photographs are exciting and beautiful. You can choose these conditions for the bird’s photography. Let’s see these conditions.

  • Try to take the bird’s images in the early morning or at the time just before the sunset. The birds are usually very active during these times. In the morning, they are in search of food, and in the evening, they are just ready to return to their nests.
  • Suppose you are looking to take the pictures of the birds during flight. Don’t choose the cloudy day. Because during the cloudy days, the look of the bird’s feather is not too good.
  • A little bit rainy day can be perfect for taking the pictures of the sitting birds. They are just sitting on the trees or under some shadow during these days.
  • Moderate weather is always good for the bird’s photography depending upon the birds visiting season in your area.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the sharper bird images can increase the beauty of any ordinary image. But you need to be concentrate and follow some rules to take the sharper bird images. These rules are listed above; just try to make the pictures according to them to increase the beauty of your photographs.

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