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Wondering how long a bird can survive without food? You’re not alone! In this article, we’ll explore how long birds can go without eating. A bird needs food to survive. Depending on the species, a bird can live for up to a week without food. However, if the bird is not getting enough water, it will die much sooner.

There are many birds that can survive for a period of time without food. Some birds, such as the raven, can go for up to three weeks without eating. Other birds, such as the chickadee, can go for a couple of days without food.

Birds also need food and water to survive, just like humans. These are the very basic needs of any bird. So, if you are planning to have a pet bird, you should know when and how much you should feed the birds? and how long a bird can live without food? These are the very basic questions that you should know especially before owning a pet bird.

How long a bird day without food

In general, many bird species can live up to 20 years. Many large size parrots can survive up to 100 years if given proper care. You just need to give them the right amount of food at the right time to ensure their expected life span.

Let’s see the main factors which play a role in the bird’s life span.

1. Food Availability

Food availability is one of the main factors that play into a bird’s life span. A bird’s lifespan is greatly affected by how much food is available to them. If there are too many predators around, and food is limited, a bird may not be able to survive very long without food.

2. Feeding Frequency

The feeding frequency of birds is also important you have to make sure that the food is available for birds all the time. If you are using formulated diet for birds, you can feed birds according to the listed instructions. The thirty-minute after the sunrise is the perfect time to feed the natural wild birds.

You can also feed the wild birds around 5 or 6 in the evening. It is a perfect time to provide fresh veggies to wild birds. You have to make sure to remove any old fruit or veggies to prevent the birds from any infection.

Aside from all the above instructions, you should focus on the food intake of the birds. You can offer them a specific amount of food which they can eat for a whole day. It is a good way to regularly monitor their food intake. If a bird is consuming less food as compared to usual, it means the bird is suffering from health issues.

3. Temperature

A bird needs to be able to regulate its body temperature. Without food, a bird’s body will start to cool down, which can lead to death. Providing them food on time is the only solution to this problem.

4. Water       

A constant supply of fresh and clear water is also necessary to ensure the good health of the bird. You need to change the water every day, especially when you are using the water bottle. You can also check the tip every day to know it’s working or not.

If birds can’t find any fresh water source for two to three days, they can get dehydration issues. Some birds only know about drinking water from open dishes, and when water is offered to them in bottles, they don’t drink. This can lead them to dehydration issues.

Tips For Feeding the Pet bird

A balanced diet is necessary for any bird to live longer. The most common issues in pet birds regarding diet are obesity and the deficiency of the Vitamin A. Different seeds are one of the main diets for the birds. It is a food loved by many birds due to its taste. Moreover, these are delicious and rich in fat. The main problem arises when people offer dried seeds to the birds; these are low in Vitamins, especially in Vitamin A.

Moreover, offer them a variety of foods to have a balanced diet for your pet bird. For example, you can give them veggies and greens including celery, parsley, silverbeet, and spinach.

The other things you can offer to your pet birds include milk thistle, fresh fruits, dandelion, and fresh grasses. It is always recommended to add a variety of food to the bird’s diet. Birds don’t only rely on taste; they also eat depending upon the texture and sight. So, fruit and veggies should always be part of their diet. You need to be creative during food preparation.

So how long a bird Can Survive without food?              

The answer depends upon the different species. But when we talk about most of the bird species, most of the birds can live for around 48 hours without food. It is mainly due to their high metabolism and body temperature.

Still, the actual answer depends upon different species; for example, hummingbirds have the highest metabolism among many bird species, so if you don’t feed them, they will only survive for a few days. While the Alpine eagles can live for more days as compared to hummingbirds. The genetic makeup of the Alpine eagles allows them to survive for more days as compared to the hummingbirds.


Birds can survive for a period of time without food, but they become increasingly vulnerable to predators and illness. It’s important to know how long a bird can go without eating in order to help them when they’re starving. You also need to know about the nutritional requirements of birds. You should feed a balanced diet to the birds. A well-balanced diet plays an important role in the healthy and long life of the birds.

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