Which household scrap can be feed to the birds? By BirdFeederist

People usually feed birds with the seeds, suet, and nectar and don’t know about the other things which can be feed to the bird. The kitchen and many different scraps of the house can be feed to the birds without any harmful effects. Even this scrap is necessary and beneficial for the birds in many ways.

These scrapes include some traditional food sources which people used in the villages in the past. If you use these scrap food sources wisely and sparingly, these can become part of the regular diet of the different birds. But some vegetables and the seeds of the apple and pear can be harmful to the birds. So these should be avoided.

Household Scrap for Birds
Household Scrap for Birds

Household scrape which can be feed to the birds

There are different kind of household scrap which you can use to feed the birds. This household scrape can include various vegetables, fruit, meat, pasta, and many other things as well. Let’s discuss these things briefly to know more about them.

1. Baked goods

Different kinds of baked items can be perfect for birds to meet their food needs. These things can include stale, dry bread, bread crusts, donuts, cakes, cookies, and crackers. Whenever you are going to feed these items to the birds, make sure to break them into small pieces. The stale pieces can be soaked into the water before offering to the birds. You can also feed the birds with uncooked pastry, whole grains, and many other less processed baked items.

2. Vegetables

Scrape vegetables can be an excellent welcome treat for the birds because they love to eat different kinds of fresh vegetables. Although there is no alternative to the fresh herbs, you can also feed them the frozen corn, leftover baked potatoes, canned vegetables, and canned soups as well. You can offer all these items to your backyard birds. But make sure to prevent those vegetables which can be poisonous for the birds.

3. Pasta and rice

You can feed the birds with any leftover pasta or rice in your kitchen. This can be the perfect source of carbohydrates for the birds. Especially when we talk about the granivorous birds, these things are perfect for them. Make sure to break this scrape into softer and smaller pieces before feeding to the birds. Just make sure the pasta is not too thick nor with heavy sauces, because this can be dangerous for the birds.

4. Cheese            

Cheeses are also liked by the birds. Mild flavors are most suitable for this purpose, like American or mild cheddar. But make sure to don’t use the softer cheese like cream cheese. Moreover, make sure to prevent from molded, and rancid cheese. These can be dangerous for the birds.

5. Meat

Birds also need a small amount of protein as well to balance out their diet. Especially during the summer season, birds like to eat different kinds of insects to meet their protein needs. So offering the scraped meat can be an excellent approach to meet the bird’s protein needs. You can offer the scraped meat such as bacon rinds, beef grease drippings, fat beef trimmings, meat bones, and marrow bones as well because birds can’t found the rotten meal with cheese naturally.

6. Pet food

Many people have different types of pets in their homes, e.g., a cat or a dog. So these people can simply use the wet cat or dog food for the birds as well. This will be equally beneficial for the birds as well. Make sure to moisten or crushed your pet food before offering to the birds because the large and harder pieces are useless for the birds.

7. Fruit

You can simply use the extra food in your house for the birds as well. Windfall fruit in your garden can also be beneficial for the birds. You can also use the chopped fruit in the feeder to feed the birds. You can also leave some fruit on the trees as well for the birds. The fruit which you can use includes the old berries, raisins, grapes, bananas, orange, and grapefruit. You can also use the seeds of different fruit such as watermelon, honeydew melons, pumpkins, cantaloupes. But make sure to prevent the apple seeds, these can be dangerous for the birds.

8. Cereal

The leftover cereals and oats can also be feed to the birds. This can include the rolled and quick oats as well. This can be a perfect tasty treat for the birds in your garden. You can also offer the lower sugar content to the birds after these tasty birds treat.

9. Nuts

People usually purchased the peanuts for the birds. But you can also use different raw nuts for the birds.  These raw nuts can include almonds, pecans, and walnuts. The finely crushed nuts can be more beneficial for the birds. Moreover, it’s easy for the birds to feed the crushed nuts. Coconut, along with other bird seeds, can be a tasty treat for the seed birds. But make sure to prevent the candy coating nuts and spice flavor nuts. These can be harmful to the birds.

10. Eggs

Sometimes it’s very awkward for the people to use the cooked eggs for the birds. But it’s a great source of much beneficial nutrition for the birds. Even the eggshells are very good for the birds. Eggshells are a great source of the essential calcium for the birds, especially for the nesting birds. Just make sure to crush the eggshell first before offering to the birds.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that different types of household scrapes can be used for the birds. This scrape is perfect for the birds. Scrap is also essential for many birds. Especially the kitchen scrape is more useful for the birds. But whatever scrape you are going to use, make sure to break it into smaller pieces and make them softer. So the birds can quickly get the benefit from this household scrape.

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