What is the Best Place to Hang a Hummingbird Feeder ?

The placement of a hummingbird feeder will decide whether birds will come to your garden or not. Although it’s something straightforward, it gets complicated when birds are not attracted to your garden. You might be placing the feeder at the right place, but still, there are a few things that you must consider to attract hummingbirds, read these points.

The placement of feeders is an essential part of feeding the birds. You can’t just hang the feeder anywhere in the garden, where the hummingbird doesn’t come at all. The place should be visible enough for them to see the feeder even from a close flying distance. Don’t try to play hide and seek with them; it’s just a waste of your time and nectar as well. So keep your concentration on the these points to attract hummingbirds.

Best place to hang hummingbird feeder
Best place to hang hummingbird feeder
  • Always try to hang the feeder near the native plants where the birds already visited to get the nectar from flowers.
  • Provide perch near your feeders where they can sit comfortably.
  • Try to hang the feeder near your custom perches to provide comfort to birds. When they come in large numbers, they automatically wait on perches for their turns.
  • Hang Feeders near a safe window to minimize bird collisions. This will give you a great viewing angle and will keep the birds safe.
  • Try to Prevent the nectar from Fermentation Process.
  • Hang the feeder where you can easily approach the feeder for refilling and cleaning.
  • Try to buy bright-colored feeders.
  • Don’t just hang a single feeder in the garden; hang multiple feeders at different places in your garden.

Perfectly placed feeders are hummingbirds’ favorite places. They love places where they find comfort. Try to put your maximum efforts to attract them to your garden. Choosing the right feeder is also very important in attracting these ting birds.

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Here are some questions that you guys have been asking us for a long time.

Do hummingbird feeders need to be in the shade?

If they are in burning hot sun, you should put feeders in the shade but don’t compromise on visibility.  Shade also prevents nectar from spoiling quickly. It all depends upon your location. If they are regularly visiting your garden, try to put the feeders under shade.

How far apart should you hang your hummingbird feeders?

If you are hanging, multiple feeders try to locate feeders at least 12-14 feet apart from each other. The feeder should be approximately 5 feet above the ground to prevent unwelcome guests (mice, squirrels, etc.) from feeding on this sugary water.


If everything is placed right, they will surely come to your garden. They enhance the beauty of any garden.

So, they deserve your efforts and time.


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