Flowers that Attract Hummingbirds in your Garden Easily 2020 | Expert Guide & Tips

We can attract the hummingbirds towards our garden by planting the nectar flower plants. We can provide birds with many more facilities to attract them towards our garden. These flower plants can be in different bright colors like red and yellow etc. Hummingbirds travel hundreds of miles each day to get nectar. We can facilitate our garden with different things to attract hummingbirds.

You can plant any kind of flowers in your garden as far as they have the following Characteristics in them.

flowers that attract hummingbirds
Flowers that attract hummingbirds

Plant the Native Flowers plants in your garden:

Some people use imported exotic species from Asia to attract birds, which is not suitable for hummingbirds. Hummingbirds don’t just need the nectar to maintain their energy level; they also get some insects and wasps from native plants because the insects are more attracted to native plants other than the imported plants. Always try to select those native plants which bloom at different times of summer and spring. In this way, the hummingbirds can feed the nectar from flower throughout the year. Always try to plant the new native species.

Bright Color Flowers:

Some people think that red color is more attractive to the birds, but it’s not only red; all the other bright colors are beautiful for hummingbirds. Most of the flowers are red; that’s why we think red is more attracted. You can also use the bright yellow color to attract the hummingbirds.

Plants Height and Shape:

Try to use the plants of different heights in your garden to attract hummingbirds. Try to select the plants in which flowers stay close to the ground, have small petals, and have the flowers with long spikes.

Annual and Perennial Plants:

Some plants bloom in a season, and after that die at the end of this season, these are the annual plants. On the other hand, some plants bloom in the season after that wait for the next season; these are perennial plants. We should use both of these plants in our garden to attract hummingbirds. After the season of the annual plant, we should clean that place for next season.

Plant long tube Flowers:

Flowers that have a wide opening mouth with a long tube are more attracted to hummingbirds as compared to other flowers. These flowers contain more nectar as compared to other flowers. Moreover, due to its long tube, all other insects don’t reach perfect stuff so that the birds can enjoy the ideal stuff from these flowers. So, if you can plant this type of flower in your garden you can attract the maximum number of birds in your garden.

Flowers Name List:

You can plant any type of flower as far as it meets our above criteria. Still, we are naming eight most loved flowers by hummingbirds.

  1. Trumpet Vine “hummingbird vine” (long tubular)
  2. Red Cardinal Flower
  3. Columbine
  4. Rhododendron
  5. Lupine
  6. Sage (Salvia)
  7. Bee Balm
  8. Trumpet Honeysuckle


Essential Tips to Attract Hummingbirds

1. Try to plant in your surrounding area:

When your surrounding places are also covered with native plants, the maximum number of birds attracted to this area. More plants mean more flowers and more nectar. So try to encourage your neighbors to plant the native plants to attract more hummingbirds.

2. Use a Bright Color Ribbon Around your Highest tree:

When you use the red or any other bright color ribbon around your highest trees, this will be more attractive from remote areas as well. These ribbons are also attracting the birds from the sky to look down. This ribbon can attract the hummingbirds from large distances towards your garden. So when they reach your garden, they will automatically find your planted nectar flowers.

Whenever you want to attract hummingbirds, you bought a feeder or plant the native plants to attract the birds; you must need to concentrate on all these points.

3. Be Patient:

Please be motivated whenever you try to attract hummingbirds. It’s not so simple that you just hang your feeder, and after some time, the hummingbirds come in large numbers. It may take some days, weeks, even a month. When you start the first time, the hummingbirds don’t know about your feeder so that it may take some time. But one’s the hummingbirds found your feeder; they will come again and again towards your feeder to get nectar. Some one’s the birds start coming towards your feeder takes special care of them.

4. Don’t Clean the Spider Nets:

When the spider makes nets, some insects are stuck in these nets, and the hummingbirds steal those insects from spider nets. Hummingbirds need those insects to maintain their energy level. They can’t just rely on nectar. So if you want hummingbirds to come towards your yard, don’t clean that nets and get over your fear of spiders. You can read more about what they eat here.

5. Hanging Some Fruit in your Garden:

Although hummingbirds don’t like to eat the fruits indirectly, fruits are very beneficial for hummingbirds. Because whenever you leave your extra fruit, you can see some insects are very interested in that fruit. So if you had some fruit in your garden you could provide some insects to hummingbirds. Experience shows the rotting fruit attracts the number of insects, which is very beneficial for hummingbirds.

6. Moving Water in Your Garden:

Running water is your garden is proved to be liked by hummingbirds, as they take a bath in water, especially in the summer season. You can see that hummingbirds don’t take a bath in your regular water places. So providing the hummingbirds with a moving water facility is very attractive.

7. Plant the New Native Plants:

We should always be in a learning mindset to learn new things about hummingbirds. Try to use the new native plants to attract the hummingbirds in your garden. You can choose the plants which have different blooming time. You can also choose those plants which have a maximum time of blooming.

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Although each and everything is explained above about the hummingbird’s attraction, some people still asked us questions about the hummingbird’s attraction, which are given below.

Why don’t the hummingbirds attract towards my feeder?

There could be plenty of reasons for that; it’s not limited to the wrong placement of feeder, wrong nectar recipe. You first apply all the above techniques to attract hummingbirds, but if you still are unable to attract hummingbirds towards your feeder. You may be new to your area or don’t have enough knowledge about your area. If you are new, you need to talk with the people in your area and get information about the hummingbird feeders. It also could be the wrong time of the year.

Can I feed the birds with my hand?

Yes, Some people are so bird-loving, and they want to feed the birds with their hands. It is possible! To feed the birds with your hand, you really need to be patient and bird loving. When the hummingbirds are regularly coming towards your feeder, you can take down one of your commonly hanged feeders and take a small hand feeder filled with nectar and place it on your fist and sit in the garden. Now be patient; they will come towards your fist to get nectar.

Can I touch a hummingbird?

When the birds start feeding on your fist, there is no sense of touching. Because they will get afraid and not come back to your fist, yes, you can feel the hummingbirds when it’s necessary. When birds are injured or baby birds come down of the nest, you can pick them and place them in the nest again.

Which material hummingbird feeder is the best Glass or Plastic to attract the hummingbirds?

When we think about the attraction, both feeders plastic and glass comes in different shapes and colors, so both can be attractive for birds, but this question is really depending upon your thinking and price range. Usually, the plastic feeders are lower in price as compared to glass feeders with low weight. But if you think about durability and cleaning, the glass feeders are best. So if you are thinking about long term feeding, you should start by a glass feeder.



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