First Aid Kit for Birds Things That You Must have in Your Home

A first aid kit is one of the most important things that a bird owner or a bird lover must-have in case of any emergency. It’s doesn’t matter; either you have only one bird or plenty of birds; you must have a first aid kit for the birds at home. It’s very important to handle minor emergencies of birds. It is an excellent tool to stabilize the bird’s condition until you visit the veterinarian.


In case of an emergency, you will not have any time to waste or to run around your house to find necessary items for your injured bird. Make sure to place the first aid kit near the kitchen, bathroom, or bird room. Also make sure you have the veterinarians phone number, location, and address in the first aid kit.

Necessary Items to have in Your First Aid Kit for Birds

1. Towel

towelThe towel is the first and most important thing that you must have in the first aid kit. It can be very helpful in case of any emergency; especially, it’s helpful in case of blood-related injury. You can easily wrap and secure the injured bird with the towel. Just make sure to gently wrap and secure the injured. Don’t try to tightly wrap the towel around the bird as they are sensitive and can’t handle the extra pressure.

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2. Scissors

scissorsThe second thing is the scissors, which you must include in the first aid kit for various purposes. Sometimes bird’s legs get wrapped with strings or taps, which can cause different injuries. Scissors are very helpful in cutting these taps and strings. But make sure to gently cut the tap and strings without hurting the birds.

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3. Quick stop

stopQuick stop or a styptic pencil to stop the bleeding from the broken feathers and other cuts. It is necessary to stop the bleeding from the feather because a bird can lead to death due to continuous bleeding. Make sure to don’t come too harsh on the birds during this process; it can lead birds to death.

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4. Hemostats and tweezers  

hemostates and tweezersIt is another important first aid kit tool to minimize the death of the birds due to feather injuries. You must remove the broken blooded feathers of the birds to give them some relaxation after the injuries. Hemostats and tweezers are very useful to remove the broken feathers of the birds. But make sure to gently remove the broken feather keeping maximum comfort for the birds in mind.

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5. Wire cutters  

wire cuttersSometimes the birds get wrapped in a strong chain or wire and you can’t cut it with scissors. Scissors can only handle softer strings and tapes. So, make sure to have a wire cutter as well in the first aid kit of the birds. You have to use the wire cutter with proper care to prevent the birds from any kind of serious injury.

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6. Vet wrap

wet wrapeVet wrap is another good tool to have in the first aid kit to help the broken bones of the birds. You can cut the vet wrap in the strips and roll them for quick use at the time of need. You can also use the vet wrap for broken wings. Moreover, you can also use the binding gauze pads for this purpose. A microsurgical tape can be used to hold the gauze in place.

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7. Magnifying glasses

magnifying glassesMagnifying glasses are important for old people and people with weak eyesight. Some birds are very small, with small body parts and bones. So, the magnifying glasses can be handy tools for everyone at the time of certain injuries. It’s the best tool to have in the first aid kit.

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8. Feeding syringes

feeding stringesInjured birds don’t like to eat, and this behavior leads them to death. So, you must have some feeding syringes in the first aid kit to feed the birds at the time of injuries. A spoon with a bent-up side is also a good tool to use for feeding the injured birds.

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9. Betadine

betadyneYou must have some disinfectants in your first aid kit to give some quick treatment to your birds. Make sure the disinfectants are non-irritating and designed for birds. You can easily find out the non-irritating disinfectants from your veterinarian.

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10. Aloe vera

Aloe veraAloe vera is a good tool to use for small burns. Some people use creams and lotions to get rid of the small burn issues; people have to make sure that these things can be toxic for the birds. So, make sure to have a 100% pure aloe in your first aid kit to handle the small burns.

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Emergency First Aid Kit


According to our research and by looking at product pricing, everyone can easily afford all these products. All products are available at a very low price, and this First Aid Kit is a must thing to have in your house. Even if you are not a bird owner, you must have this First Aid Kit for Birds in your house.

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