What are the different types of the window bird feeders?

A window bird feeder is one of the best devices for bird lovers. It helps people to observe the birds from shorter distances. It is the one main reason that the popularity of window bird feeders is increasing every day. Moreover, you don’t need to go outside to look after these bird feeders; you can easily refill these feeders from the window.


When we talk about window bird feeders, these feeders come in different styles, shapes, and capacities. These feeders can also vary in many advanced features depending upon their price. So, if you are also looking to use the window bird feeder to feed the birds, you need to know about the different types of window bird feeders. It’s essential to buy a perfect bird feeder according to your window.

Different types of window birdfeeders

Window birdfeeders come in different types, as discussed above as well. These types include the outside window mount, solarium feeders, and hanging feeders. Let’s know more about these types of feeders.

Outside window mount

As clear from the name, these types of window feeders are usually mounted outside the window. You can mount these types of feeders on the outer side of your window. If the window is made up of glass, you can use the suction cups to attach the feeder to the window. These are mostly found bird feeders outside the windows. Some people also use Velcro to connect these types of feeders with the window. These feeders can be the best choice to get a clear view from inside the window.

window feeders

Solarium feeders

The second type is the solarium feeders, which rest on a windowsill and protrude into the house through an open window or secured outside of the closed window. In this case, you need to take in mind the windowsill size and around space to get the excellent benefits from the solarium feeder. You can also perfectly tight the solarium feeder with the windowsill to prevent any damaging risk. So, this type of feeder can be the best choice if you don’t want to attach the bird feeder directly to the window glass.

If you are using the solarium feeders, make sure that your window is not locked on closing. If you have a casement window, you don’t need to go for solarium feeders. They don’t work with the casement window.

Solarium feeders

Hanging feeders

These types of feeders are usually not characterized as the window feeder, because these can be any feeder which uses a unique hanging hook to attach with the window. A specially designed hanger is used to hang these feeders with the window. It can be the right choice if you are looking for some space between the feeder and the window. The attaching hanger will leave some space among them. In this case, there is not any specific feeder; you can attach any style of bird feeder with the hanger.

Platform Bird feeder

Pay attention to feeder design

We have discussed the different types of window feeders above. All these feeders are suitable according to the need of the people. The mounting system of the above types is unique, but they can vary in design. Many birders pay special attention to the design of the bird feeder to see if the feeder is attractive or not. So, you also need to pay attention to the design of the window bird feeder. The enjoyment of the birding hobby is also depending upon the design of the feeder. Let’s see four main questions which people usually ask about the window feeder, which are mostly related to different types of window feeders.

What is the feeder made of?

It is a common question which people usually ask about the window feeders. A feeder can be made up of different materials depending upon their type. When talking about the window feeder, mostly made up of transparent plastic or glass. Many feeders are also made up of wood as well. Plastic feeders are usually easy to clean as compared to glass and wooden window feeders. The disadvantages of the plastic feeders are that they will get scratches with time. The wood window feeders are usually relatively hard and durable, but you may need to drilling to hang these feeders. Moreover, they can’t provide a clear view of the birds.

Is the feeder going to fall off the window?

Whatever type of feeder you are going to choose, you need quality and strong suction cups to hang the feeder with the window. Suction cups are essential to hang your feeders with the window properly. Whenever you are going to hang the feeder, make sure to clean out the window properly to remove the dust. You can also use a hairdryer to warm up the window a little bit to get the perfect results. A small drop of cocking oil in the suction cup is also very helpful in getting the perfect results.

What style roof does a window feeder have?

A standard type roof is preferable as compared to a flat roof. But a flat roof is helpful for the birds to sit a little bit and rest. A slanted roof is perfect to see the birds sliding down. The top of the window bird feeders can also play the role of preventing the seeds from different kinds of weather. A sloppy top is perfect in rainy and snowing weather.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that window bird feeders are available in different styles. These styles can be different in shape, mounting method, material, type, and capacity as well. But for a window feeder, people usually prefer a transparent feeder made up of plastic or glass. So, they can easily enjoy the birding from a minimum distance. But you need to buy a perfect type of feeder from the above types according to your window.

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