What are the Different Types of the Bird feeder Pole Systems?

There are different types of bird feeder pole systems which have different designs and material depending upon their price. Many poles system have their own bird feeder system as well, which is a perfect combination to attract the maximum birds and repel the unwanted audiences.

These poles can include squirrels’ baffles and raccoon baffles, depending upon their price. Sometimes people not sure about the poles and birdfeeders if you are also not sure the below systems are perfect feed the birds. Moreover, a pole can also vary in pole diameter; they can have a type 1 diameter pole or type 2 diameter pole.


Different bird feeder pole systems

Different bird feeder pole systems can include the squirrel stopper pro pole, squirrel proof S pole, Deer proof bird poles, deck bird feeder poles, bird feeder hanger arms, and small bird feeder station poles.

Let’s see these pole systems in detail.

1. Squirrel stopper pro poles

Squirrel stopper pro poles bird feeders are best to make the bird feeder squirrel proof. This pole system is also raccoon-proof. A long-inverted cylinder baffle below the birdfeeder hanging station is perfect for stopping the squirrels from climbing up on the pole. But it would be best if you made sure that the pole is 8 to 10 ft away from any supporting thing around the pole. This will prevent the bird feeder from the squirrel’s side away jumps.

2. Squirrel-proof S pole

It is another type of the bird feeder poles which can prevent the bird seeds from the squirrel attacks. The slot and pin design of the S pole system is perfect for connecting the two sections of the pole together securely. Moreover, it has also included a squirrel baffle and raccoon to stop the squirrels from climbing above.

3. Deer proof bird pole

Deer proof bird pole systems are very tall as compared to standard pole systems. These are specially designed to keep the deer away from the bird feeder pole. We know a deer standing on his back legs can reach the height of 6 to 8 feet. So, you can use an extension hanger to hang the bird feeder with the pole at a specific height. Make sure its a minimum of 8 feet from the ground.

4. Deck bird feeder pole

These are the great hanger arms to hold the birdfeeder to provide you the stunning views of the feeder from the near distance. There are different types of deck feeders that can be used for different styles of deck. The three basic mounting styles include the railing clamp mount, screw mount, and baluster mount. Many deck bord feeder poles are clamp on a standard railing of 2×4. Moreover, many deck bird feeder poles have the system of screw bracket arms or wide clamps to munt the deck bird feeders. It is perfect for providing maximum flexibility. A bluster mount deck poles are suitable to handle the complex deck and railing shapes. Deck poles to good to use with sunflower and other seeds. Moreover, they also ideal for hummingbird nectar feeders and thistle seed bird feeders.

5. Bird feeder hanger arm

Bird feeder hanger arms are specially designed to hang the feeder with a wall, deck, or any other post. You can easily use it for hummingbird feeders and thistle seed bird feeders.

6. Small bird feeder pole station

It is an ideal compact design to use in narrow places. You can use these types of poles for the different bird feeders; these feeders include the hummingbird feeders, goldfinch feeders, oriole feeders, and patios or deck. A 4-arm pole system can be the right choice, which provides for the two hummingbird feeders. It is a 6 feet hummingbird feeder station. Moreover, the two extra arms in these pole systems are perfect for hanging your own feeders.

Main features of squirrel’s stopper pole system

  • This bird feeder pole system can hold up to the ‘; the maximum number of bird feeders depending upon their size and price. Usually, the four bird feeders are enough to hang on any bird feeder pole station. Bit if you have small feeders, you can also hang another one on the inside hook.
  • You can easily install this pole system without any difficulty. You can easily install these types of poles in half-hour.
  • The auger attached at the bottom of the pole is very helpful to screw the pole in the ground. You can easily ground the pole 2 feet below in a minute.
  • It is a good quality bird feeder station which can increase the beauty of any garden. You need to choose the perfect place in your garden.
  • The 16-gauge steel material of this pole makes it durable for long life. The vertical pole of these systems has 2 inches diameter, and the horizontal tube has the diameter 1 inch.
  • The squirrel baffle and raccoon are perfect for stopping the squirrels and many other unwanted audiences.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that are different types of bird feeder pole system. These pole systems can have other materials, shapes, and styles depending upon their price. Whatever style bird feeder pole you are going to choose, you need to place it on the right location in your garden to get the maximum benefit.


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