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Are you also biased towards thinking that buying online is cheaper than buying from a local store? I have just run some experiments and visited different online and retail stores to find the cheapest place to buy bird food and bird seeds. After the experiments, I have set some guidelines to answer these questions. Let’s see these guidelines and some case studies.


Experiement Guidelines:

1. The brand should be the same

While comparing the price, make sure the brand is the same. It’s unfair to compare the bird seeds or bird food of any company from an online store with the bird seeds or bird food of any other company from a local store. You need to know that the quality of the product differs from company to company.

2. Bag size should be the same 

You need to make sure the bag size is the same for both products. For example, you should compare a 20-pound bird seeds bag of company A from a local store with a 20 pounds seeds bag of the same company from an online store.

3. Tried to use Amazon

When you are choosing an online store for price comparison, try to choose Amazon. Many people look for Amazon when they find the lowest available prices online. Amazon also provides free shipping, which is a big edge for its comparison with a local store.

Case Study # 1: Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Black oil sunflower is the most popular and common birdseed. I have found a 10 pounds bag of Audubon park black oil sunflower at a local grocery store.


The purchase at the grocery store costs $9.99, while the same product costs $20.34 on Amazon. So, the online buying cost of the same product is almost double as compared to the local grocery store. If you are planning to use sunflower seeds, here are the feeders for sunflower seeds.

Case Study #2: Sunflower Hearts

The second product which I consider is the sunflower heart. It is also easily available at my local grocery store. I have chosen the same brand as it’s also available on Amazon. It’s a 5-pound sunflower heart bag.


The grocery store price is $11.99, and the Amazon price is $23.40. So, you can also save up to 50% by purchasing from a grocery store.

Case study #3: safflower seed

I have purchased a 5 pounds bag of safflower seeds from my local pet store.


The cost of this bag at a local grocery store is $8.98, while the cost of the same brand bag on Amazon is $13.50.m So, I have saved up to 33% money by buying from an online store.

Case Study #4: Nyjer Seed

I have bought a 10 pounds bag of Wagner’s Nyjer seed from my closest local store.


The cost of the bag is $18.98, and the same bag on Amazon is $21.98. So, I have again saved up to 14% by buying from a local store.

Case Study #5 Nyjer Seed Finch Socks

I bought Kaytee Finch Socks from the nearer pet supplies.


The cost of this product is $7.98 in the local store, and the same product price is $12.03 on Amazon. So, I have saved up to 33% by buying from a local store.

Case study #6: Peanuts

This product has just come to my mind when I am purchasing from Sam’s club.


Sam’s club price of this product is $5.68, while the same product price on Amazon is $16.98. So, a huge saving of 67% on this product.

Case Study #7: Mealworms

Mealworms are the best treat for the birds.


I have purchased the Kaytee Mealworms from a pet store for $6.98, while the Amazon price is $9.20So. I have saved 25% by purchasing from a local store.

Case Study #8: General Bird Seed Mix  

This time is the Kaytee songbird blend, which I found in a local pet store.


The price of this birdseed mix is $9.99 in local pet stores, while the price on Amazon is $17.60. So, I have saved up to 43% by purchasing from Amazon.

Takeaways and observations

The results of all the above case studies can blow anyone’s mind, as in every case, you can save a good amount by buying from grocery stores as compared to online stores. On average, you can save up to 50% by buying from local grocery stores as compared to online stores. So, buying bird food from a local store is significantly cheaper than buying online.

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