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Yes, birds can eat Watermelon as it’s safe for them. In fact, some fruits and vegetables are an essential part of a bird’s diet. But some fruits can also have harmful parts. So, make sure to research well before offering any fruit to birds. When we talk about Watermelon, you should remove its rind as it contains harmful pesticides and chemicals, which can be toxic to birds.

Birds usually prefer to eat seeds first and then move to the fruit part of the watermelon, especially the seed lover birds. No matter if you have a pet bird or looking to feed the wild birds in your garden. You can offer the Watermelon to them.

can birds eat watermelon
Can birds eat watermelon?

Watermelon has many health benefits for birds, especially for their heart. You can provide the Watermelon to all the garden birds, which include blue jays, cardinals, finches, sparrows, and many other garden bird species. This delicious and juicy fruit can attract a variety of birds into your garden. Let’s see the benefits of Watermelon for birds.

Benefits of Watermelon for birds

Watermelon provides many health benefits to birds, from their heart health to digestive health. Below are some of these benefits.

watermelon benefits 1

1. Boost Energy 

Watermelon is a perfect source of many healthy nutrients, which boost the energy level of birds, strengthen their immunity, and act as a natural remedy for inflammation. It contains lycopene and citrulline, which boost the energy level by maintaining the blood flow in the bird’s body.

2. Provide essential vitamins 

Watermelon is also rich in vitamins A, B, B6, and C, which protect the bird cells from damage that can cause heart issues. Vitamin A helps to maintain the eye health of birds, vitamin B boost the energy level, and vitamin C boosts the immune system of birds.

3. Good for digestion

Watermelon is a great source of water as it contains 90% water along with healthy fibers that are beneficial for digestion. It also contains some electrolytes and amino acids, which can play an important role in a bird’s digestive health.

4. Great source of Calories 

Watermelon is also a great source of essential calories, which provide the essential energy to birds to their life.

Do birds like to eat Watermelon?

Yes, this delicious and tasty fruit is loved by many birds. They love to consume their seeds and fruit part. In fact, it contains many essential nutrients and minerals for birds. But don’t rely on Watermelon only. Make sure to offer Watermelon periodically to birds along with their usual diet. Make sure to remove the watermelon rind before serving it to birds as it can be harmful to them.

Some birds, such as finches, will eat watermelon whole while other birds, such as crows and ravens, will peck at the seeds and pulp. Birds that like to eat watermelon often have a sweet tooth and enjoy the sweetness of the fruit.

Can birds eat watermelon skin?

No, birds can’t eat the watermelon skin (Rind) as it contains many harmful substances, which can be toxic to birds. It’s also too hard for birds to eat. So make sure to remove the watermelon rind before offering them to birds.

However, some birds may be able to digest the skin of watermelon, if you are sure about your bird, wash it properly to remove any pesticides and toxic chemicals.

Can birds eat watermelon seeds?

Yes, birds can eat watermelon seeds. In fact, they like to eat the seeds first when you offer the Watermelon to them. It’s optional; you can offer the Watermelon to birds in multiple ways, with or without the seeds. If you are going to offer separate dried seeds to birds, make sure to soak them in water.

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Can Parrots Eat Watermelon?

Yes, just like the other garden birds, you can also feed the Watermelon to parrots. In fact, it’s a favorite fruit of many parrot species. All parts of the Watermelon are safe for parrots, including the fruit and seeds. It contains many nutritional benefits for parrots.

How much Watermelon is safe for birds?

A well-balanced diet is always good for birds, just like for humans. As a general rule, the bird’s overall diet can consist of 15-30% percent of fruits and vegetables. It’s safe for them. So, you can offer the Watermelon to birds as a snack, and make sure to mix it with other fruits.

Can parrots have watermelon juice?

Yes, you can offer the watermelon juice to parrots. It’s super easy to make the watermelon juice. Simply remove the watermelon rind, and put the Watermelon in the blender to make delicious juice. Make sure to strain it before offering it to birds, as the leftover seeds can cause hazards for parrots.

Can Watermelon cause any problem for birds?

Watermelon is normally safe for birds. But excess of anything is bad, too much amount can cause certain health issues for them, which can include bloating, gas, and other stomach problems. It’s mainly due to the sorbitol present in the Watermelon.

How can we offer the Watermelon to birds?

You can offer the Watermelon to birds in different ways. Keep in mind the following points while offering the Watermelon to birds.

watermelon points 3

  • The chopped tiny pieces of the Watermelon are perfect for preventing the birds from creating any mess. So, make sure to do the small pieces of Watermelon first before offering them to birds. They will eat the small pieces easily without creating any mess.
  • Mix the watermelon pieces with some other fruits as the birds like the variety of fruits. You can mix the Watermelon with berries, vegetables, seeds, mealworms, and corn.
  • Don’t remove the seeds, leave the watermelon seeds for birds, as many birds like to eat seeds. In fact, birds first eat seeds before moving to juicy parts. but it’s up to you if you leave the seeds or not. It’s ok in both cases. If you want to remove seeds, do it!
  • If you think the watermelon seeds can cause choking hazards for any specific bird, please remove the seeds.
  • You have to clean the place quickly where you offer the Watermelon to birds as it can attract the other unwanted audiences. Make sure not to offer the Watermelon near your walls or carpet.
  • Please make sure they don’t over-eat it as it can be harmful to them. Maintain a balanced diet to prevent any negative effects.


Birds can eat many fruits, including Watermelon. These are safe for them. In fact, they have many health benefits for the birds. Watermelon boosts their energy level, improves their digestion, and provides them with essential calories and vitamins. You can provide watermelon as a snack along with their usual diet. The watermelon seeds and juice is also safe for birds. So, don’t hesitate to provide the Watermelon to birds, but as a snack.

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