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Popcorn is a tasty treaty for people, but can birds eat them? Yes, birds can eat the popcorn as these are only the popped version of the popcorn kernels. They can safely eat them; even many pet birds love this healthy and tasty snack. Many people love to share popcorn with their pet birds especially when they are enjoying movie nights. The good news is that you can share popcorn with your lovely feather friend just make sure popcorns don’t have added salt, butter, or sweeteners. Popcorn is perfectly acceptable for the birds if it’s popped.

You may have also noticed that many bird food mixes contain corn kernels. In fact, many birds love to eat popcorn. However, one warning is that many microwave popcorn brands come with additional coated unhealthy ingredients, which are not good for the birds at all. So, make sure to only give plain popcorn to birds. Let’s know more about the bird’s popcorn eating.

can birds eat popcorn
can birds eat popcorn?

Can parrots eat popped popcorn?

popped popcornAbsolutely yes, parrots can eat popcorn. There is no reason that you can’t offer popcorn to parrots. Just make sure they don’t have any sweeteners, butter, salt, or other sprinkled-on flavors. So, if you are planning to offer the popcorn to parrots, use a separate bowl, which doesn’t have any flavor enhancers.

Can birds eat popcorn kernels? 

popcorn kernelsNo, you can’t offer kernels directly. Many people think that corn kernels can be offered to birds. But they have to understand that popcorn kernels are extremely dangerous for birds to eat. These kernels can cause choking hazards and can lead the birds to serious health issues, especially baby birds.

However, you can boil the kernels, before offering them to birds. There are no dietary reasons that your birds can’t eat them if you soften them up. Just make sure that these are soft enough to provide to the birds. Soft kernels are easy to eat and will not cause any choking hazards.

Can birds eat microwave popcorn?

If you have bought a popcorn bag from a store, there are plenty of chances that your bird can’t eat it. Yes, they can eat the popcorn itself, but not the plenty of additional stuff that is applied to popcorn for the enchantment of taste. So, the best option is to buy the kernels and pop them yourself, and keep them plain.

Can birds eat butter popcorn? 

butter popcorn

No, they will eat it but it’s not good for them. As a bird owner, you can feed popcorn to your lovely friends, but not the buttered popcorn and other popcorn with additives. Unfortunately, the tiny and delicate digestive system of the birds can’t withstand the rich lactose content and high-fat butter. Butter popcorns can cause digestive issues such as stomach upset, constipation, diarrhea, loss of appetite, and lethargy. In addition, they also increase cholesterol deposits and promote obesity and a high risk of heart diseases. Obesity can lead the bird to death as it prevents them from doing their regular functions and flying activities.

Can outdoor birds eat popcorn?

Yes, outdoors birds both small and large birds can eat popcorn, but it’s not recommended. Especially commercially available flavored Popcorn is high in sugar and salt, which can be harmful to birds. Additionally, popcorn kernels can be a choking hazard for small birds. The best way to offer is to offer a small amount of plain popcorn. If you want to offer kernels, boil them before placing them in front of birds. As soft kernels will not cause any problem for birds.

Is plain popcorn OK for birds?

Yes, plain popcorns are best for birds. As we have already discussed salted or buttered popcorn is not good for birds at all. Humans can consume such popcorn but birds’ tiny digest systems can’t handle such a high amount of sugar or salt.

Benefits of Popcorn for birds

You might be thinking about how beneficial is popcorn for birds. It actually has many health benefits for them. They contain tons of antioxidants, fiber, iron, calcium, and carbohydrates. All of these things are perfect for birds to stay healthy. Moreover, popcorn is low in calories and fat, making them a healthy snack for your feathered friends. So, don’t hesitate about giving them this tasty snack.


You can share the popcorn with pet or garden birds while sitting for an afternoon snack or a movie. But make sure that they are free from salt, sweeteners, and other additives. Pain popcorn may not be the best food for your bird, it can be eaten with caution. It is important to make sure that your bird does not eat too much of it or else it could become sick. Simply, don’t overdo it, and keep the popcorn as a treat as it’s doesn’t meet any of their nutritional needs.


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