Can birds eat Chocolate Cake?

The simple and quick answer is no. Birds can’t eat the chocolate cake as the chocolate cake contains many ingredients that birds don’t eat in their natural habitat. Chocolate cake is a tasty and delicious treat for humans, but not for birds. Chocolate cake is actually toxic to birds as it contains theobromine and caffeine, which can cause certain health issues in birds, including diarrhea and seizures. Even many birds also die in some serious cases. Birds may have difficulty resisting the chocolate cake, but you have to understand that it’s not good for them.

Can Birds Eat Chocolate CAKE
Can Birds Eat Chocolate CAKE

All the food items that contain chocolate should be avoided to offer the birds. So, if you have any chocolate pieces left from your night party, don’t think to offer them to birds in your garden. Let’s know more about the birds and chocolate cake.

Chocolate cake ingredients that birds don’t eat 

The chocolate cake contains many ingredients that birds don’t eat in their natural wild environment. Below are some of the ingredients that birds don’t eat.


The chocolate cake contains a lot of sugar, which is not required by the birds. It’s nutritious less food for birds as it consists of refined sugar as compared to the enzymes which exist in the whole plant food. Birds can only eat sucrose as it doesn’t affect their health and balances their diet naturally. Many organic fruits contain sucrose but don’t excessively feed the fruits to birds.


Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which are toxic to birds. They may have a hard to resist the chocolate, but it’s harmful to them. Even the small quantities of chocolate can lead the birds to vomit and have diarrhea. In some serious cases, it can increase their heart rate and potentially cause their death. The darker and bitter chocolates are more toxic to birds than the lighter chocolates.


The chocolate cake contains dairy, which is not toxic to birds, but birds can’t digest it. The dairy contains lactose, which is not digestible for birds. Even if your pet bird accidentally eats dairy, make sure to monitor it for some time. It can cause a lot of digestive upsets for birds.

What if my pet bird accidentally ate the chocolate cake?

birds eating chocolate

First, you have to monitor your bird. Chocolate can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and increased heart rate. If you think their condition is getting worse with time, immediately contact the nearest Animal Poison Control Center in your area. In worse cases, it can lead the birds to hyperactivity, tremors, seizures, and in some cases death as well.

How much chocolate can kill the birds?

A very small amount of chocolate is enough to kill the birds. Even less than 2mg of chocolate can put the bird’s life in danger. But it somehow depends upon what type of chocolate you fed to the bird. Usually, milk chocolates are dangerous for birds as compared to dark and cocoa chocolate. So, generally, it’s a bad choice for birds, and you should prevent offering it to birds. Don’t give the chocolate and any chocolate product to birds.

Which type of birds can eat chocolate?

Any type of bird can’t eat chocolate. It’s very toxic for them. It doesn’t matter whichever species of the bird; chocolate is not good for their health. So, make sure chocolate is not given to any bird in any case.

Why is my bird still good after eating the chocolate?

If your bird eats the chocolate and still fine, it’s doesn’t mean that chocolate is good for it. Maybe it’s due to your luck that your bird does not get sick after eating the chocolate. You have to ensure that you don’t offer any more chocolate to your bird.


Anything that contains the chocolate, including the chocolate cake, is not good for birds. Chocolate contains cocoa, which can cause health problems for birds. It can also cause the bird’s death in some serious cases. If your bird feels good even after eating the chocolate, it can be due to your luck. Make sure not to offer chocolate and chocolate items to birds as these are serious health risks for birds.

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