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Can birds eat bread? This is a question that many people have. The answer is yes. Birds can eat bread. They can process a small amount of bread. Birds eat the food they like and move on searching for other types of foods. However, not all types of bread are safe for birds to eat. So, it’s recommended to offer it in small amounts. Especially if you are offering it to your pet bird at home and don’t worry about wild birds they will eat as per their requirement.

There are a few things to consider when it comes to feeding bread to birds. The first is the type of bread. Bread that is made with grains, such as wheat, rye, or barley, is not safe for birds to eat. These types of bread contain gluten which can cause serious health problems in birds if they consume too much of it.

Can Birds Eat bread
Can Birds Eat bread?

Bread that is made with refined flour (such as white bread) is generally safe for birds to eat. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, some bread brands may contain sugar which can be harmful to birds if they overconsume it.

Blue jay eating bread

Can birds Eat Bread without Getting Sick?

Yes, birds can eat bread without getting sick if it’s fed in small amounts. But a large amount of bread can cause the stomach issues such as diarrhea. Especially, the cage birds can often have stomach issues due to overconsumption of bread. Wild birds usually fly away after eating a small portion and mostly they are in groups so individually they didn’t get much to eat. Caged birds can potentially get sick when they eat a lot of bread for months.

A nutrient-poor diet can be responsible for the birds to get sick. Nutrient-poor diet can result in a weak immune system, which makes the birds open to many diseases. However, in general, you don’t have to worry about wild birds as they always mix the bread with other types of foods throughout the day.

Are bread ingredients safe for birds? 

bread nutrients for birdsBread usually contains sugar, salt, food preservatives, and other components. All these ingredients are not handleable for the birds if consumed in excess. The small quantity of these ingredients is not harmful to birds. A well-balanced diet composed of proteins, fat, and carbohydrates is perfect for the birds to stay healthy. Although bread provides the essential carbohydrates but lacks other nutrients.

Can I feed stale bread to birds?

Stale bread is not a healthy choice for humans and also tastes bad. But it preserves carbohydrates and other nutrients. So you can feed the stale bread to birds depending on how old and how stale the bread is? Generally, it’s safe to offer stale bread to birds.

Can birds eat moldy bread?

moldy bread 2

Moldy bread is home to spore colonies, which contain several types of fungus. These spores can cause an infectious lung disease called Aspergillosis. Even if you remove these moldy patches, it could still make the birds sick. The bread still contains moldy residue as the moldy roots spread deeper into the bread.

Can baby birds eat bread? 

Honesty, baby birds can eat bread. But the answer to this question is not as simple as its looks. It’s not harmful to them if given in small quantities, but there is no sense in feeding the bread to baby birds. It doesn’t provide any unique health benefits that baby birds can’t get from their usual diet. So, it’s unnecessary to provide bread to baby birds.

Bread alternatives for birds

Birds’ nutrients needs are somewhere similar to humans, so it’s not difficult to satisfy them. So, largely the foods that we eat are safe for the birds if offered in a small amount. Even they can also eat many types of kitchen scraps and grains including nuts, beans, lentils, peanuts, butter, bruised fruit, and beef fat. But you should still feed them bird seed mixes, sunflower, millet, mealworms, and other foods.


Yes, you can offer bread to birds, it’s a good food choice for birds that have generalist diets. There is no harm in putting bread in your bird feeder for garden or wild birds. Just make sure not to offer a lot of bread to birds, especially to pet birds. Avoid moldy bread as it’s harmful to them and can lead them to diarrhea and other stomach issues.


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