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There are different types of big-sized birds all around the world. These birds can have different color, nature, size, and voices. Moreover, many of the immense size birds can fly, and some can’t fly. But, the one thing is sure about the big birds is that you can quickly locate these birds due to their big size.


Some big size birds have a very clean nature, while some are messy. Moreover, some are shy, while some big size birds are a little dangerous. Many people don’t like the big size birds in their gardens due to their wild nature, everyone prefers common garden birds. Let’s see the different big size birds all around the world.

1. Wandering Albatross

Wandering AlbatrossWandering Albatross has the largest wingspan as compared to all the big size birds in the world. Their wingspan is about 8.3 ft to 11 ft depending upon their size as an adult. This bird is natively found in the Southern and North Pacific Ocean. There is a total of 24 species of Albatross all around the world. The weight of the Albatross can be varying around 12kg.

These birds like to eat small fishes and squids. They also drink a lot of saltwater to complete their nutrition’s needs. Most of the time of the wandering Albatross spend in gliding on the ocean winds.

2. Mute Swan

Mute swanThe Mute Swan is a large waterbird that can grow up to a size of 5 ft. The weight of mute Swan varies from 12 to 13 kg. These birds natively belong to European countries. The wingspan of the Mute Swan is around 8 ft. They like to eat vegetables, insects, and small fishes. The long neck of these birds helps them to find the food under the water.

These are very intelligent and a little aggressive as well. Mute Swan usually remembers who gives them the care. A mute swan can attack and bite during the nesting time. They are also known for the best care of their babies, eggs, and nests.

3. Dalmatian Pelican

Dalmatian PelicanThis bird is one of the most massive flying birds all around the world. Dalmatian Pelican natively found in Europe and Asia. This bird can grow up to 6 ft size as an adult. The weight of the Dalmatian Pelican can vary from 12 to 14 kg, and the wingspan is around 9 ft.

Their bills almost have 18 inches long, which is the second-largest in the world. The main food of the Dalmatian Pelican is fiches. They eat up to 2kg of fish per day. Their diet list includes the catfish, eels, European perch.

4. Andean Condor

Andean CondorThis bird belongs to the vulture family. These birds are usually found in the Andes mountains and South America coasts. These birds’ weight can be varying around 15kg, and their wingspan is about 10 ft. This large wingspan of the Andean Condon helps them to fly with their massive body.

These birds like to eat the dead bodies of other animals. They also like to eat the dead bodies of the fishes and seals. Sometimes they also want to eat the eggs of other birds. The life span of the Andean Condon is around 75 years.

5. Kori Bustard

Kori BustardKori bustard is the largest flying bird in the world, with a weight of 20 kg. These birds are natively found in Africa. The male koi bustard is two times much more massive than the female koi bustard. It is a 4 ft long bird with a wingspan of 9 ft.

Koi bustard likes to eat different insects. The main food of the koi bustard includes lizards, snakes, seeds, and berries. Moreover, the other exciting thing about the Kori bustard is their drinking water ability by sucking the water.



6. Greater Rhea

Greater RheaGreater rhea is a flightless largest bird. These birds are natively found in South America. The body length of the greater rhea varies from 4.1 ft to 4.5 ft, with a weight range of 27 kg. They have large wings but useless for flying. However, the large wings are beneficial for balancing the body during the move.

You can fund the greater rhea in the grass and wetland. The diet of the greater rhea includes insects, lizards, and small birds. They have the long legs which they use for face threats.

7. European penguin

European penguinIt is the tallest and the largest specie of penguins all around the world. Their weight is about 45 kg, with 45 inches in height. These birds can travel 80km in search of food. The main food of the European penguin is fish, squid, and krill.

The newly laid eggs are taking cared of by the male European penguin and female search for food in the open ocean. The female brings back the swallowed food for the new chicks.

8. Emu

EmuIt is the largest flying less bird in Australia. This bird can stand up to a height of 6 ft with 60 kg weight. These birds are usually found in savannas, woodlands, and other forest ranges of Australia. Moreover, they like to eat plants, seeds, fruits, lizards, and other insects.

These birds have long legs, which help them to achieve a speed of 50km/hr. Emu farm the pair in the summer season, usually give the 8 to 10 eggs. Their dark green eggs can have 1-pound weight.

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