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If you’re looking for a way to keep your backyard bird population healthy and happy, a bird feeder pole is a great option. They are also a great way to keep them in one spot. They are convenient, easy to use, and can provide hours of enjoyment for both you and your feathered friends.

There are a few things you’ll need to consider before buying a bird feeder pole: the height of the pole, the type of feeder (drum or hopper), and the type of feeder base (a platform that screws into the ground or a post). Many bird feeder pole systems have their specific feeders as well.

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The pole system itself is not enough to attract birds. You have to choose a perfect location as well to feed and attract birds. These locations mainly include the open locations which are visible from the sky. Moreover, you also need to make some extra efforts to keep the squirrels and other audiences away.

There are many different types and brands of bird feeder poles on the market, so it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the top 5 best bird feeder poles. You can simply choose the best one according to your needs and budget.


The List of Best Bird feeder Poles 2022

1. Gray Bunny Premium Bird Feeding Station Kit

Gray Bunny Premium Bird Feeder polesGray bunny premium bird feeding pole comes on the top of the list with excellent features. It is an ideal bird feeding pole to feed and enjoy the birds in the backyard of your home. You can use the different types of feeders on this pole station to attract the maximum variety of birds. An additional water cup on this pole station is perfect for providing everything to the birds on a single station.

You can simply place it outside your home or near the window to enjoy the birds. It can be an excellent gift for friends, parents, and bird-loving people. It is a versatile bird feeding pole station that can be used for many purposes’ including birdhouse holders, hang plants, mount ornaments, hummingbird feeders, bird swings, and many more purposes. Moreover, you can back this pole within the purchase of 1 year. Let’s see some other features of this pole system.


It is a versatile design that can be used for many purposes. There are four total hooks in this pole. The above twin hooks can be used to hang the hopper, tube, and nyjer feeders. It is a practical design to attract finches, chickadees, titmice, and juncos. Moreover, the additional two hanging hooks can be used to hang the suet basket.

Mesh tray and water bowl 

The Mesh tray and water bowl on this pole system are perfect for providing everything on the one pole system to the birds. A Mesh tray can hold the mealworms, peanuts, dried fruit, and milo. A water bowl can be used as a birdbath.

Premium design

It is a premium design pole system with rust-resistant, heavy-duty material and adjustable attachments. You can easily self-adjust all the pole hooks according to your desired location.

Dimension and weight

It has a dimension of 22 x 10.8 x 91 inches and 6.7-pounds in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Versatile
  • Include mech tray
  • Two additional hooks
  • Water bowl
  • Four feeder hooks
  • Maybe a high price

2. Yosager 91″ x 23″ Premium Bird Feeding Pole Station Kit

yosager-91-x-23 Premium Bird-Feeder poles station kitAt number 2 in our best bird feeder poles list, we have another good quality bird feeding station for the birds. This premium quality bird feeder is made with a heavy-duty material. It is another all-in-one pole station, which includes the four hooks, seed tray, and bathing tub. You can easily use this bird feeder station to attract a large variety of birds. It’s come with an overall height of 91 inches. The metal stake base of this feeder makes it a durable pole for wind birds as well. It is a three-part pole system and very easy to assemble. You can attract a variety of birds using this pole system. Moreover, the 100% guarantee of this birdfeeder provides you a great satisfaction of mind. Let’s see some other features of this feeding station.

Great design

It is a five-prong system feeding station, which is more durable as compared to other poles. You can easily fill and clean the water tray and seed tray. You can easily lock the handle in any position according to your need.


The accessories include the detachable mesh tray, metal suet feeder, water dish, decorative twin hook, two small feeder jooks, water dish ring, and metal stake base.

Easy to install

It’s easy to install this pole station without any special tool. You can easily tighten the screws with your hands.

Dimensions and weight

It has dimensions of 23 x 2.4 x 91 inches and is 7.26 pounds in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Great design
  • Include a water bath
  • Seed tray
  • Four feeder hooks
  • 5 prongs
  • Don’t include baffle

3. Bird Feeder Pole Station Kit

Bird Feeder poles Station-KitAt number 3 in our best bird feeder poles list, we have another good bird feeding station kit in the average price range. It also comes with hooks and a tray to provide the maximum benefits to the feeding birds at one pole. The two large top-level hooks are ideal for longer and larger feeders. The two extra hooks are easily adjustable anywhere on the pole. These are good for hanging the smaller feeders. You can easily attract hummingbirds, robins, sparrows, woodpeckers, and starlings. The wire mesh tray of this pole is excellent for mealworms, nuggets, suet, fruit, and seed mix. Moreover, this guaranteed pole provides you the maximum satisfaction of mind. Let’s see some other features of this pole system.

Premium quality

It is a premium quality birdfeeder made with rust-resistant and sturdy steel material. You can easily adjust the components at any desired location. Moreover, the mesh tray and water bowl are detachable for easy cleaning. The four-pronged base of this quality design makes it perfect for wild birds as well.

Easy to install

It’s easy to install this birdfeeder pole without any special tool. You can easily loosen and tighten the wing nuts by hand.

Dimensions and weight

It has dimensions of 31.6 x 12 x 3.4 inches and is 7.88 pounds in weight.

                                               Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Premium quality
  • Easy to install
  • Four-pronged base
  • Include a water bath
  • Four feeder hooks
  • Don’t include feeder

4. Yosager Premium Bird Feeding Pole Kit

yosager-Premium-Bird-Feeding-Station-KitYosager premium is at number 4 in our best bird feeder poles list. It’s on the list due to its large variety of bird feeding poles in different price ranges. This feeding station comes with three feeder hooks, a bathing tub, and a seed tray. You can attract a variety of birds to your garden by using this pole system. It can be a perfect gift for friends, parents, and birds loving people in an average price range. Moreover, the 100% satisfaction guarantee provides you with great comfort of mind. Let’s see some other features of this bird feeding pole.

Easy to install

It’s easy to install this bird feeder without any kind of special tool. You can easily adjust all the parts at any desired location. The three-part pole system can easily install with maximum comfort.


It’s made up of 100% polyester material with black color. The two prongs are suitable for handling the weight of small and large birds.

Dimensions and weight 

It has dimensions of 15.7 x 13.8 x 5.7 inches and is 4.73 pounds in weight.

                                              Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Easy to install
  • Polyester material
  • Two prongs
  • Three hooks
  • Include water bath
  • Don’t include feeder

5. CERBIOR Adjustable Shepherd Hook

CERBIOR-Adjustable-Shepherd-HookAt number 5 in our best bird feeder poles list, we have a good bird feeding station in a lower price range, this can be a perfect choice for you. It is a straightforward adjustable shepherd hook to feed the birds. The rust-resistant coating on this hanger makes it useful for longer life. It is a versatile feeding station that can also be used as a hanger for weddings, solar lights, flower baskets, and lanterns. The two-prong system of the hook is good to handle the maximum weight. Let’s see some other features of this design.

Adjustable height

This bird feeding pole comes with adjustable height. You can easily adjust the height at 26 inches, 39 inches, 52 inches, and 65 inches according to your need. It’s included three extenders for four height options.


It is a multipurpose hook that can be used for balconies, yard, porch, bird feeders, lanterns, planters, wind chimes, and small decoration bell.


It is a lightweight hook as compared to all the traditional bird feeding stations. But it is perfected like the traditional poles in the soggy weather as well.

Dimensions and weight

It has dimensions of 5.5 x 0.8 x 65 inches and 1.8 pounds in weight.

                                              Here are some Pros & Cons of this Product

  • Adjustable height
  • Multipurpose
  • Lightweight
  • Two prongs
  • Unique design
  •   Not good for wild birds

Tips for feeding birds by Using Poles

When you are purchasing a pole to feed the backyard birds, it’s important to pay attention to attract them in different ways. You can’t put the pole and feeder and wait for the birds to visit your backyard. Let’s see some techniques to feed and attract birds.

1. Locate the bird feeders at different levels

Different species of birds like to feed at different levels. For example, sparrows, juncos, and towhees like to feed on the ground, while the finches and cardinals prefer the shrubs. Some birds also feed in the trees like chickadees, titmice, and woodpeckers. So, you can hang the feeders on different levels accordingly.

2. Offer a variety of seeds

A variety of seeds can attract different birds. You can offer different seeds in different feeders to avoid waste. For example, sunflower seeds can attract the greatest number of birds. You can use sunflower seeds, nyjer seeds, and peanuts in different feeders. There are even special feeders for sunflower seeds. Some people also use different blends to attract the birds; if you are also going to use blends, the mixture of sunflower, millet, and cracked corn is perfect to attract the birds. You can also use a mixture of peanuts, nuts, and dried fruit to attract the birds. If you want to attract a specific species for example cardinals, you can use seeds loved by cardinals.

3. Provide suite in cool weather

The suit is also a perfect choice to attract insect-loving birds in cool weather. These birds mainly include the woodpeckers, wrens, chickadees, nuthatches, and titmice. You can use the special feeders or net onion bags to offer the suit to the birds. Make sure it is 5 feet above the ground to prevent them from the dog and other pet animals. Don’t offer the suit in hot weather.

4. Mix the peanut butter and cornmeal

Peanut butter can be a good replica of the suet in the summer season. You can mix one part of the peanut with five parts of cornmeal to get a perfect mixture. It is an all-season mixture that can attract woodpeckers, chickadees, titmice, and warblers.

5. Provide fruit for berry eating birds

Fruit-loving birds don’t like the seeds. These birds usually include robins, waxwings, bluebirds, and mockingbirds. To attract these types of birds, you can soak the raisins and currants in the water the whole night. You can use the table feeders to feed these types of seeds. You can also provide the nectar feeder to attract the tanagers and skewers.

6. Provide nectar for hummingbirds

The sugar solution is perfect for attracting nectar-loving birds. You can take a one-part of sugar and four parts of water to make a solution. Make sure to boil the water so the sugar crystals are not left behind. You should need properly clean the nectar feeders on a regular basis to get the perfect results.

7. Store the seeds in a metal container

Make sure to store the seeds in a metal container to protect them from squirrels and mice. Store the can in a dry and cool location. Damp seeds are not good for the birds, so make sure to don’t choose any heating place.

8. Discourage the squirrels

Squirrels are one of the most unwanted audiences, which can minimize the purpose of your feeder. Birds don’t like to visit the feeder in the presence of squirrels. The best idea to prevent the feeder from squirrels is the use of a pole feeding station. You can also use the baffles on the pole to make them more protected from the squirrels. Moreover, make sure there is nothing helping around the feeder from where the squirrels can jump on the feeder.

9. Reduce the window collisions

Window collision is very damaging for the birds. It can be responsible for the lifetime injury of the birds. So, you need to take special care of the birds’ collisions with the windows. Make sure the feeder is within three feet of the window so the birds can’t get enough speed to hit the window. If possible, some type of mobile decorations outside the window is also useful.

10. Keep the cats indoors.

There are millions of birds killed by cats annually in the United States. Especially the pet cats in the backyard can be responsible for the death of hundreds of birds each year. So, cat owners need to keep their cats indoors. Outdoor cats are more dangerous in the spring season.

11. Clean the feeders  

Cleaning the bird feeder is also very important to attract the birds and repel unwanted audiences. An uncleaned feeder can quickly grow mold and cause different types of infections in the birds. You can use hot water and cleaning detergent to thoroughly clean the bird feeders. Make sure to perfectly dry the bird feeder before refilling it with the seeds.

Tricks to stop the squirrels from climbing bird feeder poles  

Squirrels are one of the most discouraging factors for the birds to visit your pole. So, you need to make your pole squirrel proof, as discussed above as well. Some people think that it’s difficult for the squirrels to climb up the pole. Yes, it’s a little bit difficult, but still, the squirrels can climb up the pole stations. So, you always need some extra precautions to prevent the pole from squirrels. You can follow the below tricks to prevent your pole from squirrel’s attack.

1. Mount a squirrel baffle3 EasyGo Baffle review

Squirrel baffle is one of the commonly used items with the pole station to discourage the squirrels. It is a simple device mounted with pole systems. It is a cone-shaped device that slides back the squirrels from the pole station. Some people also swear the baffle with Vaseline to add more protection. This device is usually used below the feeder at the pole. But sometimes, it’s also used above the feeder as squirrels can jump from the top side of the feeder.

2. Attach a slinky

Slinky is a perfect tool to use above the feeder to prevent the feeder from the topside attack of the squirrels. It is a more entertaining solution to prevent the feeder from squirrel attack. The slinky drops the squirrels back on the earth when they drop on the slinky.

3. Get a Squirrel spinner

This is another entertaining and harmless solution to discourage the squirrels from visiting the pole again and again. This spinner will continue to spin if the squirrel is landed on the feeder perches. It works on the weight of the squirrels.

4. Follow the 5-7-9 rule

The 5-7-9 rule is another good thing to prevent the feeder from squirrel attack. It’s related to the position of the feeder at the pole. You need to make sure the feeder is minimum at 5 feet height from the ground, 7 feet away from the around things, and there is nothing above in the 9 feet space of the feeder. Because the squirrels can’t jump on the feeder from 9 feet in height.

5. Mix seeds with cayenne pepper

Cayenne pepper can be a perfect repellent for squirrels. You can simply mix the cayenne with the pepper to discourage the squirrels. The main benefit of this is that the birds are not affected by the cayenne pepper. The bird alack the taste of cayenne pepper.

6. Provide the birds with safflower seeds

Safflower seeds are one of the most common seeds to attract different kinds of birds. The main benefit of these seeds is that the squirrels do not like them. But most of the backyard birds love to eat the safflower seeds.

7. Warning of using Vaseline and oil

Some people also grease up the pole to make it slippery for the squirrels. For this purpose, many people use Vaseline and oil, but these types of substances are not recommended as it is toxic for the squirrels and much other wildlife as well. Moreover, they also need maintenance as you need to apply these materials regularly after each rainfall.

How to choose the right feeder for the different birds to hang on poles?

An ideal feeder for the birds is always sturdy enough to pass through the whole winter season and tight enough to keep the seeds dry and clean during the different weather conditions. If you are looking to attract a great variety of birds in the backyard, you can use different feeders like tray feeders, hopper feeders, window feeders, tube feeders, Nyjer feeders, and suet feeders.

1. Tray feeders

Platform Bird feederTray feeders, also known as platform feeders, can attract a larger variety of seed-eating birds, including pigeons, starlings, grosbeaks, house sparrows, and native sparrows. The tray feeder has some disadvantages, as the tray feeder doesn’t provide protection against rain and snow. If the tray feeder doesn’t have a proper drainage system, the seeds become wet and responsible for the fungi and bacterial growth. Moreover, the bird droppings in these types of feeders are also responsible for the seeds spoiling. The best tray feeders have screened ground to provide the proper drainage system.

2. Hopper feeders

Hopper feederThis type of feeder is perfect for protecting the seeds from weather and birds’ droppings. But somehow, if the seeds get wet inside the hopper feeders, they become worse than the tray feeders. These feeders are attractive for different birds, including cardinals, jays, buntings, grosbeaks, sparrows, chickadees, and titmice. When we talk about cleaning, the hopper feeders are a little bit harder to clean as compared to tray feeders. You can easily mount the hopper feeders on a pole or suspend them with any tree.

3. Window feeders

window feedersWindow feeders are small transparent plastic feeders that are attached to the window through suction cups. These are the best type of feeders for the birders to enjoy the birds from small distances. These are usually considered the safest feeder among all the feeder types to prevent the birds from window collisions. Many birds eat the seed in window feeders by standing on the seeds, so the regular cleaning of these feeders is important. But you don’t need to worry about it; it’s easy to clean and refill the window feeders compared to other feeders.

4. Tube feeders

tube feedersHollow tube feeders are considered the perfect ventilation system feeders, which can be used in the summer season. The hollow tube feeders are perfect for keeping the seeds dry and clean for a long time. You can easily attract different birds, including sparrows, grosbeaks, chickadees, titmice, and finches, depending upon the size of the perches. You can offer the tiny Nyjer and larger seeds depending upon the size of the ports.

5. Nyjer feeders

Nyjer Feeders

Nyjer feeders are usually very popular in America to attract goldfinches, pine siskins, and common redpolls. A Nyjer feeder can have a tube feeder with very small feeding ports or thistle socks fine-mesh bags. The seeds in the thistle socks can easily get wet during the rainy season, so make sure only to fill the feeder according to the bird’s strength on your feeder. Normally, squirrels don’t like the Nyjer, so you probably don’t find the squirrels on these feeders.

6. Suet feeders

Suet Feeders

Suet feeders are usually made up of wire mesh, plastic-coated wire mesh, or a simple mesh onion bag. These feeders can be nailed, tied with a tree trunk, suspended, or fixed on the side of a hopper feeder. You can easily attract various woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, titmice, jays, and starlings with the suet feeders. Some people also use metal suet feeders, but these can be harmful to the bird’s tongues and eyes, which can be stuck on the metal.

How to buy a perfect bird feeder pole?

Buying the best bird feeder pole can be challenging due to the variety of bird feeder pole systems in the market. These pole systems have different features depending upon their price. Although the basic structure of all the bird feeder poles is the same, some bird feeder poles can’t bear the weight of wild animals. So, if you are looking to buy a bird feeder pole for outside, make sure the bird feeder is strong enough to bear the weight of group birds. We have listed the best available bird feeder poles in each price range above; you can choose anyone according to your range. But there are some general points as well which cab automatically lead you to the best pole system according to your need. Let’s see these points.

  • First, decide the price range in which you want a bird feeder pole. Usually, you can buy a good pole station in the $15-40 range.
  • See the different available poles in your price range.
  • Choose the best one that comes within your budget.

These are some general points that can automatically lead you to the best bird feeder poles.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the use of bird feeder poles is a great way to attract the birds in the backyard and outside as well. These are great for minimizing the squirrel’s disturbance on the feeder. A bird feeder pole system can have a difference in structure and design depending upon its price. You need to choose the best one according to your need and budget.

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