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Many people who wanted to feed and take photographs of the birds are willing to know about the best time of the day when the birds are active. Because this can be the most favorite time of the birds, and people can quickly get the best view of the birds. But it is observed that different species have a different time of the day when they are more active.

It is also observed that generally, all the species are active at the time of sunrise and sunset. Whatever species you are going to target, time is crucial for successful birding. So this article is about helping those people who want to know about the best time when the birds are more active.

Bird's more active time
Bird’s more active time

Time of the Day When Birds are More Active

Whether we are talking about the time of the year, time of the season, or the time of the day, your goal is to enjoy the best view of the birds. Let’s see the different times of the day when the birds are more active.

1. Transition time

The first and most crucial time is the transition times of the day. This transition can be from night to morning, or from the afternoon tonight. At this time, the birds are usually more active as compared to other times of the day. Typically, we can observe that many species of birds are active early in the morning or in the evening. Mainly when we talk about the songbirds, they are engaged in the morning time. But the evening activeness of the birds is mostly related to their food. Because in the evening, birds usually want to eat maximum food to store the energy for the night. Because at night they have to spend most of the time without eating.

We know the food sources of the birds are most active in the morning time, so the birds are also active at this time. Moreover, in the morning, all the other predators of birds are sleeping, so birds prefer this time without any fear. If you also provide food to birds, make sure that you know about poisonous foods for birds to avoid them.

2. Afternoon delights

Some birds love to enjoy in the afternoon as well after a perfect chirping morning. It is also observed that there are plenty of songbirds that are only active in the afternoon. So if you are looking for these particular species, the afternoon time is perfect for observing these species.

3. Sunny time

Another good time to observe the birds is sunny. Because many birds also love to enjoy a sunny day, especially in the winter season migration. Blue jays are mostly known for enjoying a sunny day. birds enjoy the sun because it helps them stay healthy. Moreover, birds also use sunlight to control parasites. Some experts say this is really helpful for the birds to get essential vitamin D from the sun.

4. Dim light time

Some people believe that as compared to morning and evening, the dim light time is more enjoyable for the birds. At this time, birds are more active as compared to morning and evening time. Some people think that the dimming light encourages the birds to sing. Different species like thrushes, robins, and dunnocks are observed frequently singing during dim light time. So if you are looking to see more active birds, the dim light can also be very beneficial.

5. Night-time

Although the maximum number of species of birds are active throughout the day, some species are only active in the nighttime. When we talk about the night birds, the nighthawks, pauraque, owls, and night herons are the best birds to observe in the night. So if you are looking to see these birds, the nighttime is perfect. But it’s not easy to see these birds in the night as well. Because usually, these birds don’t travel in groups, it’s hard to locate these birds at night time.

The above times are generally the most critical times to observe the birds. But there are a lot of factors that usually play a role in the bird’s active time. So we need to know about these factors to know more about the active times of the birds.

Factors that play a role in bird’s active time

The bird’s active time mainly depends upon the different species, seasons, and weather conditions as well. So whenever you are going to plan to observe the birds, make sure to get some information about the different bird species. Let’s see the factors briefly.

  • The first and most important factor is the different bird species. Although many species are active in the morning and evening as discussed above as well. But there are some species that are active only at night. So if you want to observe these species, you can only choose any nighttime.
  • The second thing which affects the bird’s active status is the season. For example, you can observe the maximum number of birds in the breeding season as compared to regular days. During the breeding season, most birds are very active to find mates. So you can find more birds in the spring season as compared to the summer and winter seasons.
  • The birds are usually not too active in the cold and snowing weather conditions. But a little rainy weather in the summer season can be the best time to observe the birds. Because in the rain during summer, birds enjoy a lot as compared to normal time.


From all the above discussion, we can conclude that the most active time for the birds is morning and evening time. But it can also vary a little bit depending upon the different species, seasons, and weather conditions. Moreover, some species are only observable at night as compared to daytime. So if you are looking to observe the birds, you need to study a little about the species you want to watch.

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