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Welcome to Birdfeederist. We all know that setting up the garden is tough but what is even tougher? To get the right tools to attract birds. The main purpose for most of us is to watch birds flying in our gardens. We all want to enhance the beauty of our gardens by inviting little guests. To do that, you need the right feeders and guidance on how to attract them. We have done all the research and prepared all these articles to save your time and money.


The 5 Best feeders for Orioles 2020 Expertly Reviewed by BirdFeederist

Are you looking for the best bird feeder for Orioles 2020? Oriole is a beautiful species of birds in the ...
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Best Birdfeeders for Finches

The 5 Best Bird Feeders for Finches 2020 Expertly Reviewed by BirdFeederist

Are you looking for the best bird feeders for finches in 2020? Finches are the small-medium size birds which belong ...
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Best birdfeeder for Songbirds

The 5 Best bird feeders for Songbirds | Buyer’s Guide & Reviewed by BirdFeederist

If you are looking for the best bird feeders for Songbirds, you are in the right place! Songbirds are a ...
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Best Binoculars for Birding

The 5 Best Binoculars for Birding 2020 Reviewed by BirdFeederist

We know you want the best binoculars for birding because Binoculars are the perfect devices to concentrate in the same ...
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Best Bird Feeders for Blue Jays

The 5 Best Bird Feeders for Blue Jays 2021 Reviewed By BirdFeederist

Blue Jays prefer peanuts and sunflower seeds instead of regular bird feed, but conventional feeders aren't a suitable choice for ...
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Best Bird Feeders for Cardinals

The 5 Best Bird Feeders for Cardinals 2020 Reviewed by BirdFeederist

If you are looking for the best bird feeders for Cardinals, we got you! Bird feeders are the perfect devices ...
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Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

The 5 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders 2020 Reviewed by BirdFeederist

So you need the best bird feeders to keep squirrels out. Bird feeders are special devices that are used to ...
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Best glass hummingbird feeder

The 12 Best Glass Hummingbird Feeders 2020 – Expert Reviews and buyer Guide

The Glass Hummingbird feeders are exceptional devices to feed the bird. Feeders can be in different types depending upon their ...
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The 7 Best First Nature Hummingbird Feeders | Expert Reviews & Buyer Guide

When you are looking for good quality, less expensive hummingbird feeder, the first nature hummingbird feeder is the best choice ...
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hummingbird food recipe

Hummingbird Food Recipe Guide & All Your Nectar Related Questions [Answered]

Preparing food for hummingbirds is not difficult; you just need to know what they eat. There are two main sources ...
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hummingbird feeder recipe homemade

The Hummingbird Feeder Recipe That You can Easily make at Home

You can easily make a hummingbird feeder recipe at home. You need to take 5 min to make perfect hummingbird ...
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what do hummingbirds eat

What Do Hummingbirds Eat ? All That You Need To Know !

Sometimes hummingbirds like to eat insects and invertebrates to get some proteins. But mostly they want to get natural nectar ...
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Birdfeederist is a team of researchers and bird enthusiasts. We have spent a lot of time doing what anyone has to do before planning to set up their gardens. We research & prepare all the relevant information required to make a good purchase for birds, with our primary focus on providing good value for money. We all know how much effort is required to set up a beautiful garden. All we want is to help those who are trying to help the needy birds. Following our blog advice will save you tons of time and effort. Isn’t it awesome?

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